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Nanoha Detonation – Subs by TheRon

Big thanks to TheRon for once again bringing quality subs to the Nanoha fans outside of Japan. For those who were waiting for better subs or are still waiting on their disc to come in the mail, here’s you chance to watch it now. Continue reading

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Popular anime torrent site NYAA has lost control over its Swedish .SE domain name, which was deactivated a few hours ago. As a result, the site has become unreachable. The domain status suggests that the responsible registry intervened, which is something that could happen in response to a copyright-related court order. Continue reading

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ViVid Strike! Bluray Batch – TheRon

While a bit late to the party, we wanted to give a big thanks to Ron for putting together the archival batch of ViVid Strike (ep 13 included). Go get these now while they’re still seeded. [ron] Vivid Strike! (1080p … Continue reading

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ViVid Strike! Ep13 (OVA + OST)

It’s been a long wait but the epilogue to ViVid Strike! is here and ready. We’ll wrap up all the loose plot threads and then take a day off at the beach. It’s light and fluffy, and has almost every … Continue reading

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Need more ViVid Strike? Ron has you covered!

With the ViVid Strike blurays being released, there’s a little more content out there for those who wanted to sink their teeth into more ViVid Strike. Once again, just like with the Nanoha ViVid anime, Ron comes to the rescue with these and more. Continue reading

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ViVid Strike! Ep12 END

Yup, it’s the final episode. Thanks for watching with us. It’s been quite a ride. [VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 12 END (BS11 1280×720 x264 AAC) And for those of you who love binging entire seasons in one go, here’s the … Continue reading

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ViVid Strike! Ep11

We’re on the home stretch. Just a little more. [VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 11 (BS11 1280×720 x264 AAC)

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ViVid Strike! Ep 10

In true sports anime fashion, we can’t conclude a climactic battle without a flashback. Remember that time Subaru had to fight the mind-controlled Ginga? It’s kinda like that. [VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 10 (BS11 1280×720 x264 AAC)

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