ViVid Strike! Ep12 END

[ViVidTrans] ViVid Strike! - 12 END (1280x720 x264 AAC).mkv_thumbs_[2016.12.21_21.16.33].jpg

Yup, it’s the final episode. Thanks for watching with us. It’s been quite a ride.

[VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 12 END (BS11 1280×720 x264 AAC)

And for those of you who love binging entire seasons in one go, here’s the batch torrent.

[ViVidTrans] ViVidStrike! Batch 1-12


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22 Responses to ViVid Strike! Ep12 END

  1. There were a lot of parts I enjoyed during this series but I will give Vivid Strike a thumbs in the middle. 5/10. The music was definitely best part.

    Main mission was accomplished, I loved Fuuka throughout this series and is was great to see her words and fists was able to save Rinne and they have become inseparable again.

    Rinne & Fuuka together in this episode was beautiful. The reaction of Rinne’s mother when seeing Fuuka was awesome.

    Overall I don’t really like the way Rinne was used. You see all those medals and trophies with her name on them in, who did she really beat to win all them?

    Those videos of her past victories in the early episodes were all against random characters.

    At the start of this series she was hyped up as a near unstoppable monster with a ridiculous win loss record.

    But she had to go against her word to beat Miura, then lost to Vivio again and Fuuka, in other words she didn’t do very well against anyone that was relevant.

    She didn’t even have a special move. The moment Fuuka looked at Rinne at the end there of episode 11 and saw those beautiful eyes again, a special move could have been born right there and then as Rinne turned into her true self and allow her to get the victory.

    I really wanted her to be a winner throughout the series after seeing her back story and defeat Einhart and become champion as she she saw the light during that fight with Fuuka and was completely changed from it so it was safe for her to win.

    We just needed an actual 13th episode for that fight to happen instead of a special OVA.

    They did a really good job making Fuuka into a star but I felt that Rinne could have made into a really big star, she just feels like another character to me now.

    I expected more from someone who is the undisputed world #1, for someone who was chasing after Einhart’s title and her overall fighting record that was shown to us in the first couple of episodes, she was made to look a lot weaker than she should have been.

    I am starting to think she probably never had a chance against Einihart from the beginning.


  2. 4th Dimension says:

    As I said in other comments, the actual root problem was that initial stupid hype. For me that and her behaviour towards other contestants instantly broke Rinne for me because I flagged her as writer pet antagonist that gets to trash all the hero’s friends with impunity through her bullshit special snowflake defenses untill finally the hero defeats her with great difficulty SOMEHOW. Somehow the hero is able to overcome the bullshit special snowflake abilities of the antagonist. And I hate that.

    So I was pleasantly surprised when the “weakest” of the team Nakajima tore Rinne down. For one it gave Vivio finally a proper win onscreen/page against a named character in an official match. For another it’s a direct refutation of the Jill’s stupid Darwinian idea that only strength matters and anything and anyone else is inferior. It also works since Vivio is like her polar opposite. An asymmetric response to her ridiculous strength. You can’t defeat what you can not hit. AND Vivio has faced her before and did not fall to her.


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