Meet the Staff at ViVid Translations

Kinsei – Translator
The resident translator who somehow finds time between a full-time job, watching 20+ anime a season, and just generally being a lazy layabout to work on his favorite series of all time. His motto? “If I’m going to be reading it anyway, I might as well translate it so everyone else can enjoy it too.” Always up for projects that interest him… as long as he can muster the motivation.

CrazyHat – Scanning/Cleaner
Vivid is only the second manga I’ve regularly cleaned but I’ve had many years of image editing experience and recently switched from a graphics job to a programmer and wanted to keep my skills sharp! I’ve always liked the Nanoha series and thought I’d lend my cleaning skills to a series I enjoy.
I don’t make too many comments, but prefer to let the pictures do my talking. I hope you enjoy the end result, and welcome your feedback on the chapters I clean.

KiraWing – ProofReader
My Japanese isn’t that bad but I find that I lack the time to do a full translation job. So that’s how I land myself a proofreading position.
Many might not believe me, but the first thing that got me into the Nanoha series is not Nanoha nor Fate but the cartridge system weaponry in A’s. I’ve always been into these kind of stuff and I’m an engineer, so bite me. Didn’t take long for me to become a fan of this series.
Saw that one day VividTrans is recruiting and this is a chance for me to be involve with a series which I liked a lot; so why not.

Cthuhludpc – ProofReader
Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn
So deep from within my sunken city of Ry’leh I discovered the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series and it immediately captured my attention, especially A’s.  I’m a total grammar nazi and I wanted to help with getting Vivid released and *poof* here I am.
I’ll be completely honest I love the cartridge system (magic bullets, who wouldn’t love it?).
I’m in Computer Networking and a tech nerd so I really like how it combined magic and technology to get, magical technology.  Vivid being a continuation of the Nanoha series I absolutely had to check it out and immediately loved it.  Finally I absolutely love Fate, so I call dibs.

Sestuna F. Seiei – Editor
I am also this group’s editor, the dude who puts the english words inside the bubbles! At first I was just a regular fan and I joined the group because I wanted to help new chapters get out as quickly as possible. Before this I edited doujinshi (mostly the fun kind) and got all my experience from there. I’m a total mecha nut so no one loves Corona and her Rocket Punch more than me!

PrimeSonic – Site Manager / Project Coordinator
After a year onboard helping out with the proof-reading, our beloved group founder put me in charge of keeping this thing going while she was out tending to life.
I’ve been a loyal follower of all things Nanoha since early 2006. The entire franchise with its stories and characters are entirely precious to me. Nanoha is without a doubt one of the biggest impacts my fandom life has ever seen. I’ve been keeping up with ViVid since it first began and will likely be there when it finally comes to an end.

orange03/Satsuki/Satsunyan – Founder/Consultant
I’m Satsuki, you can call me Satsunyan. I’m too deep into Love Live! Hell and I’m quite busy managing a site for YuiKaori… speaking of YuiKaori, Vivid Strike has Ogura Yui in it. Make sure to check it out, eh? On the same note, I never would have imagined to see Vivid Translations still going strong for so long. Thank you very much for all of your continued support.

5 Responses to Staff

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  2. Ali says:

    Hello, Vivid group
    I really enjoyed your group work, especially Nanoha vivid series
    i’ve been a fan of nanoha since the first series
    nowadays the series is not as popular as back then, but i like it a lot
    i thought nanoha series is over and done when A’s is finished, but just recently i found your work(scanlations) with nanoha vivid
    Thank you very much Vivid translations
    Thank you vivid staff
    Kinsei – Translator
    CrazyHat – Cleaner
    KiraWing – ProofReader
    Cthuhludpc – ProofReader
    Sestuna F. Seiei – Editor
    PrimeSonic – Quality Control / Project Coordinator
    orange03/Satsuki – Founder/ProofReader/TLCheck/Editor

    ps: to KiraWing and Sestuna F. Seiei : i love gundam too 🙂


  3. art248 says:

    hahaha well glad to see that i’m not the only 1 hooked onto the tech part of nanoha. In a way dats y i liked strikers the most. So high tech like, n all the change mode systems.
    p.s kirawing, i’m also an engineer or close to being 1 when i’m done wit my studies n all


  4. Aixe says:

    Im glad that the nanoha series isnt done seems to me its far from done haha


  5. Random Fan says:

    Hi, just wondered if the team was still working, with no updates since January it kinda made me concerned. Was following the releases, but I know from TV Tropes that it’s way beyond 52 by now. Hope to see more soon!


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