Nanoha Original Chronicle 06


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Original Chronicle The 1st

With the first battle over, it’s time to turn back the clock to Fate’s origins, as Rynith takes us through Fate and Arf’s early years.

Read online at MangaDex: Chapter 6
Read online at DynastyScans: Chapter 6

Download from MEGA: Chapter 6
Download from Drive: Chapter 6

Translation: Kinsei
Cleaning/Editing: 4th Dimension
QC: Yashamon


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2 Responses to Nanoha Original Chronicle 06

  1. Will Rennar says:

    Such a cute story, even if it hurts knowing the truth.

    Great job on the translation, everyone! Thank you for your hard work on this.


  2. Is the translation still going?


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