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Nanoha ViVid 79 – Talk about a bath scene (v2)

Do you ever wonder how many chapters this manga can go without a bath scene? I wonder sometimes. Assuming you can pay attention to the plot, there’s some interesting setup being built up here with a spotlight being put on … Continue reading

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News – InnocentS now – ViVid on the way

Two quick updates Arite Drop lives again, bringing Nanoha InnocentS Chapter 14. A new chapter of Nanoha ViVid will be released this week. We have a few veteran typesetters that stepped in to cover the next couple chapters while we … Continue reading

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Group News – Reflection & ViVid

There’s been too much silence from us on our website so here’s a quick update to let you all know what’s going on. So, in lighter news, we have word that Nanoha Reflection[ANN] will actually screen in some U.S. theaters. … Continue reading

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ViVid 78 – Rewards After the Trials

A new volume opens up. The trials are over and it’s time for our girls to get their prizes. Nanoha ViVid 78 MEGA | Torrent | Dynasty-Scans Credits Translation: Kinsei Scans: CrazyHat Proofreading: Sestuna F. Seiei, cthulhudpc, KiraWing Editing: Ice … Continue reading

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News – Download Archives MEGA update

Here’s the current status of the download archives. Continue reading

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ViVid 77 – Finishing the Trials – News Update

Corona and Tao go all out to the end. Vivio and Miura show Irene just how fast they can learn and adapt.  It’s finally time to wrap up these fights before we take a nice breather. Nanoha ViVid 77 – … Continue reading

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Kadokawa brought down most of our MediaFire downloads

Every scanlation we were hosting on our MediaFire account of one of their works (ViVid, Force, Innocent, The Movie) was taken down yesterday. Continue reading

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ViVid 76 – Tao then and now

Corona is about the bring the heat in this fight as we learn more about Tao’s past and see if she can learn to control her unique power. Are you ready? Nanoha ViVid 76 Credits Translation: Kinsei Scans: CrazyHat Proofreading: … Continue reading

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Popular anime torrent site NYAA has lost control over its Swedish .SE domain name, which was deactivated a few hours ago. As a result, the site has become unreachable. The domain status suggests that the responsible registry intervened, which is something that could happen in response to a copyright-related court order. Continue reading

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Happiness Maker by ameiru – NanoFate and Vivio doujin

This isn’t some slow burn journey through the subtleties and nuances of Nanoha and Fate’s relationship. This is Vivio being old enough to ask the most direct question she could have possibly asked her two moms. Continue reading

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