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(ViVid 91) – Vivio vs Miura ~ The Last Down!

Nanoha ViVid 91 ~ The Deciding Moment  MEGA | Dynasty-Scans This is it! We’re on the last round and the last down. One shall stand and one shall fall. But they will always remain fighting friends forever. Credits Scans: CrazyHat … Continue reading

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Reflection The Comics Sequence 06

Reflection The Comics Sequence 06 After the July hiatus we return to the Reflection comic. This one is shorter than usual (likely due to Vivid Memorial) but covers the important, but never properly answered question of how Nanoha’s parents felt … Continue reading

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Date x Date by desudesu

The prevailing ships in ViVid really were different eight years ago. Straight out of the Nanoha ViVid 2010 fanbook, fellow scanlator desudesu gifted the ViVid fans a charming little slice of life from a time when the main cast of … Continue reading

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ViVid 90 – Vivio won’t let up

Nanoha ViVid 90 ~ What I Want to Come True  MEGA | Dynasty-Scans Vivio gets knocked down. But there’s no keeping her out. She’s ready for more. Are you? Credits Scans: CrazyHat Translation: Kinsei Proofreading: KiraWing, Cthulhudpc Cleaning: KakAlakin, Tori … Continue reading

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Reflection THE COMICS 05

Are you ready to see more events from Reflection that you didn’t see on the big screen? Today a few more gaps will be filled as we spend a brief moment with the Florian sisters before heading over to see … Continue reading

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Nanoha PSP English Patches

Remember the long running project to sub all the Nanoha PSP titles? Well, in case you forgot, that was going on in parallel with a project to actually get a real set of English patches for the games so people … Continue reading

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Nanoha InnocentS wraps up! Big thank you to A Little Drop

The last two chapters (16/17) of Nanoha InnocentS are out. Get them here. Congratulating to AriteDrop for completing the series and a many thanks from all of us for putting in the effort to bring us this extra installment of … Continue reading

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ViVid 89 – Rematch: Vivio vs Miura. Round 3. Fight!

Vivio may be fast but Miura has an edge when it comes to raw power. As a few late arrivals show up to watch the match, we take a moment to remember how we got here. Vivio is chasing her … Continue reading

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