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Nanoha InnocentS wraps up! Big thank you to A Little Drop

The last two chapters (16/17) of Nanoha InnocentS are out. Get them here. Congratulating to AriteDrop for completing the series and a many thanks from all of us for putting in the effort to bring us this extra installment of … Continue reading

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Reflection THE COMICS 01

No ViVid just yet but friends have provided us with a lovely little addition to keep the Reflection hype train going. A great way to take us both back in time and into the future as our original cast starts … Continue reading

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Recapping 2017 for Vivid Translations

Hello everyone. It’s been quite the year. It was this year that saw us releasing a few ViVid Strike doujins, after the finale of the anime, and wrapping up ViVid Strike with the OVA episode. We also had to deal … Continue reading

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ViVid LIFE Vol 1 – Thanks Ron :)

ViVid LIFE MediaFire | MEGAz Once again, TheRon has given a great gift to the fans.  If you’ve been wanting a more lighthearted, comedy driven, ViVid experience, this is the manga for you. And at long last we have an … Continue reading

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News – InnocentS now – ViVid on the way

Two quick updates Arite Drop lives again, bringing Nanoha InnocentS Chapter 14. A new chapter of Nanoha ViVid will be released this week. We have a few veteran typesetters that stepped in to cover the next couple chapters while we … Continue reading

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ViVid Strike! Bluray Batch – TheRon

While a bit late to the party, we wanted to give a big thanks to Ron for putting together the archival batch of ViVid Strike (ep 13 included). Go get these now while they’re still seeded. [ron] Vivid Strike! (1080p … Continue reading

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InnocentS – Duel 13

Nanoha Innocents Chapter 13 Just another quick shout out to Arite Drop for keeping InnocentS going. Be prepared for one vivid battle in this chapter.

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Shout out to the continuation of InnocentS

Just a quick little reminder to anyone following the Nanoha InnocentS scanlation. Arite Drop is back in action. So go pay a visit and send some love. Nanoha Innocents Chapter 12  

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