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Need more ViVid Strike? Ron has you covered!

With the ViVid Strike blurays being released, there’s a little more content out there for those who wanted to sink their teeth into more ViVid Strike. Once again, just like with the Nanoha ViVid anime, Ron comes to the rescue with these and more. Continue reading

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A Little Drop releases Nanoha InnocentS ch10

Just a little update that I almost missed myself: Nanoha Innocents Chapter 10 is out.  

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Happy Anniversary Vivid Translations!

Today Vivid Translations is as old as little Vivio was when we first met her way back in Nanoha StrikerS. That’s six years if you’ve forgotten. How time flies and it’s nothing short of amazing that this group is still … Continue reading

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Nanoha InnocentS 7

I’m currently on holiday right now so this will have to be brief.  Arite Drop has a new chapter of Nanoha InnocentS so go check it out and say some kind words. 

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InnocentS ch 6 and how to avoid loss in translation

In case you haven’t been keeping watch, Arite Drop has now released chapter 6 of Nanoha InnocentS. This chapter is all about the sugary fluff. What was a bit more fascinating to me was the hard fought battle to avoid … Continue reading

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A Little Drop releases InnocentS 4 + A Little News

Just making sure you’re all aware that chapter 4 of Nanoha InnocentS is now out thanks to A Little Drop. Go pay a visit and check out what baby Subaru and Teana are up to. As for Vivid Translations. We’re … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from all of us at ViVid Translations

Enjoy the holidays and best wishes to you and yours.

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Quick update: InnocentS chapter 3

Just a reminder to not forget about Nanoha InnocentS. Chapter 3 was recently released over at A Little Drop. Are you ready to see little Subaru and Teana team up for the first time?

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GIRL WARS: The Magic Awakens

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Nanoha Innocent got a sequel!

Nanoha InnocentS Please note the extra ‘S’ in there. I almost didn’t notice the first time. We’ve done a bit of a time skip and now the cast of StrikerS gets to have their time to shine, though in a … Continue reading

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