Date x Date by desudesu


The prevailing ships in ViVid really were different eight years ago.

Straight out of the Nanoha ViVid 2010 fanbook, fellow scanlator desudesu gifted the ViVid fans a charming little slice of life from a time when the main cast of ViVid was a whole lot smaller.
Enjoy a double helping of adorable puppy love in…

Date x Date

MEGAz | Dynasty-Scans

While the scanlation was originally released on e-hentai, we received permission from desudesu to mirror and share this work across other channels so fans who may have missed this one can get a second chance to enjoy it.

If you’d like to commission desudesu for a scanlation job,
you can visit their website: [NSFW]
Please be aware their website contains adult content.



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3 Responses to Date x Date by desudesu

  1. Will Rennar says:

    Oh dear, *somebody* seems to be a CoRiona shipper. XD

    Excellent job on the translations, desudesu!


  2. kf124 says:



  3. Plenty of awkward and funny moments between Einhard & Vivio, not really into that Corona & Rio moment considering they are like 10 years old.

    It was a nice end with the 4 of them with the little gathering.

    Well this was fun to read, thanks for sharing.


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