Mission Statement

We are a small group made to give Nanoha ViVid some love. But Who knows? in the near future, we might release other manga as well!

2013 Edit

We started as a small group with a mission to get Nanoha ViVid scanlated for the rest of the world. Over time, the team grew and we added even more manga to our releases, mostly more Nanoha stuff both official and fan-made. Today our passion for all that is Nanoha remains strong as we expand to more and more Nanoha manga for the rest of the world to enjoy.

2016 Edit

After more than 3 years of working together as a team and continually bringing more and more Nanoha to more fans, the group is once again growing and staying as strong as ever.
While many of us in the team have grown and had radical changes in our lives, we’ve always managed to find some time to keep this show on the road. By now we’ve put out a great number of Nanoha related works, both official and fan-made alike, with even more on the way.

We’ve occasionally partnered from time to time with other scanlation teams when the common ground of Nanoha manga brought us together. And our doors remain open for any other scanlation groups or individuals that want to work on a project together or might just need an extra hand getting something wrapped up.

For however long this group should last, we will continue our dedication to bringing these ongoing stories to the fans outside of Japan. On that, you can count on.

11 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. LessEffective says:

    Just wanted to post that I have an order for volume 3 which was just fully released, and would be willing to re-sell it for your use. Just email me back if you’re interested.


  2. tear says:

    hi i wanna ask why some of vivio manga dont have character page?


  3. tear says:

    sry about ealier i mean Character File* 😀


  4. orange03 says:

    Hello there, Tear. Ah, some of our raws does not have the Character Files so we don’t have them sadly. =/


  5. tear says:

    oOo ic thx for the reply


  6. Rosid says:

    http://raw1st.com/mahou-shoujo-lyrical-nanoha-vivid/ for raw vol 01-07
    http://raw1st.com/mahou-senki-lyrical-nanoha-force/ for raw vol 01-05

    maybe need it, you can use this raw

    ano.. can some one translate Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell
    http://raw1st.com/mahou-shoujo-pretty-bell/ for vol 01-07

    the stories about war between demon angel and magical girls.Magical rod “ryin rod” has been awakened. When the compatible user “magical girl pretty bell” appears, it always says that the world will be at risk. Milk and Cocoa are angels who protect the rod and support magical girl pretty bell, They have come to the town where a compatible user, Misaki Eri lives, while being attacked by an enermy. However the rod didn’t point to Eri but pointed to a body building neighbor, Takada Atsushi. why did the rod pick Atsushi instead of Eri? and why there are two compatible users?

    on vol 1 the angels will pick the wrong person to recieved the power. On vol 02 Pick The Right Owner the girls will awaken with awesome power. Vol 03-06 War, Vol 07 Rival Appear.

    maybe someone in here can translated it if have a free time,

    Genre Action Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Horror Mecha Romance Sci-fi Shounen Supernatural.

    why Sci-fi and Mecha?, i see the demons have big robot like gundam and very many. the demon girl can transform become Jet and very fast.


  7. Silver Light says:

    Thank you very much for release Nanoha manga.
    By the way, how can I download full vol ?


  8. i dun think there’s a completed volume batch. maybe when the guys r done wit the individual chapters they might compile it to their respective volumes.
    but hey, individual chapters like this are fine 🙂


  9. Silver Light says:

    It has been long time I didn’t see Nanoha manga so I can’t know how many chap has been release, is this ongoing or finish… bla bla bla.

    … Oh I see you download page. Thank you 🙂


  10. Hey um when will chapter 54 on wards be out. Are you planning to do it monthly and weekly once you caught up. As in get chapter from magazine they are published in.


  11. PrimeSonic says:

    We’re trying to figure things out behind the scenes. There’s been been technical and personal complications that have set us back. It may be a while before we get back to steady releases.
    Do know that once we have news on what’s coming up, I’ll be letting everyone know.


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