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News – Download Archives MEGA update

Here’s the current status of the download archives. Continue reading

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ViVid Strike Vol 3 – Thank you Ron

The third volume of the ViVid Strike bluray is cooked and done. And thanks to Ron, the new OVA is subbed and the bonus comic scanlated. Enjoy in both 720 and 1080p flavors. 720p [ron] Vivid Strike! – Volume 3 … Continue reading

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Need more ViVid Strike? Ron has you covered!

With the ViVid Strike blurays being released, there’s a little more content out there for those who wanted to sink their teeth into more ViVid Strike. Once again, just like with the Nanoha ViVid anime, Ron comes to the rescue with these and more. Continue reading

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ViVid Strike! Ep12 END

Yup, it’s the final episode. Thanks for watching with us. It’s been quite a ride. [VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 12 END (BS11 1280×720 x264 AAC) And for those of you who love binging entire seasons in one go, here’s the … Continue reading

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ViVid Strike! 01-04, 05 (SoftSubRedux)

[VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 01-04 SoftSubRedux (1280×720 x264 AAC) We’re switching to softsubs for the TV run of ViVid Strike!, something we were planning on leaving for the bluray release but with the ever growing sizes of storage drives today, … Continue reading

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ViVid Strike ep5

We continue right where we left off last time and finish uncovering Rinne’s past. Are you ready? Is Fuka ready? Time to find out. Continue reading

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ViVid 58-62 Renumbered

Apologies for not having these chapters numbered with leading zeros this time. Mea culpa. All links to these chapters have been updated. For convenience, here they are again. Ch58 –  Ch59 – Ch60 – Ch61 – Ch62

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Innocent Vol 3 Compilation – Courtesy of A Little Drop

For the few of you that might not keeping track, AriteDrop has just released a Vol 3 compilation for the Nanoha Innocent scanlation. Expect a few improvements in this pack. Get it now over on A Little Drop.

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Another addition to the classics – StrikerS The Comics

And to followup on the last classic comic, today we bring back the work that followed it Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS The Comics   Get the full 15 chapter pack here. Credit for the first three chapters, “A’s to … Continue reading

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A Blast From the Past! Re-Releasing an A’s classic!

Let me take you back. Way back. All the way back to late 2006. Nanoha A’s finished airing not too long ago and the first of the Nanoha manga were finally out. With theses chapters along with the drama CDs, … Continue reading

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