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ViVid ch67 – Just in time for the holidays

After the finale of ViVid Strike, we have just one more present for all of you is this year. One more chapter of the ever fluffy, Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. Continue reading

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Double ViVid Release!!! – Nanoha ViVid 66 and ViVid Strike! ep4

Two ViVid releases on the same day was bound to happen sooner or later. And we’ve got pretty significant entries today. One of them light and fluffy with the other hitting some quite polar opposite notes. Continue reading

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ViVid 65 – Costumes in time for the Hallowed Eve

Today we continue the fun at the school festival. Einhart has a challenge to take on, Vivio is charming the pants off all the customers, and a dance party is about to take place. Continue reading

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ViVid 64 – The Back to School Special

After all the excitement from the tournament, we might have forgotten that these girls are still in school. Exams are almost over and the cultural festival is right around the corner! (This is starting to sound suspiciously like a Japanese … Continue reading

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Ix Awakens as ViVid Re:STARTs (63/15)

At long last the wait is over. ViVid truly restarts and this chapter brings us one more of the many new beginnings in store for us. Continuing where the cliffhanger at chapter 62 left off, Ixpellia not only shows magical activity through her coma but something bordering on miraculous happens. Let’s celebrate together with volume 13 kickoff in Nanoha ViVid 63 Continue reading

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ViVid 58-62 Renumbered

Apologies for not having these chapters numbered with leading zeros this time. Mea culpa. All links to these chapters have been updated. For convenience, here they are again. Ch58 –  Ch59 – Ch60 – Ch61 – Ch62

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ViVid 62 – From Today Into Tomorrow

As one story ends another begins. Einhart may have finally confronted her past and made peace with the present thanks to the efforts (and fists) of Vivio but there are still others who need to do the same. We return … Continue reading

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The Befriending of Einhart – 4 Chapter Nanoha ViVid Release!

Chapters 58 – 59 – 60 – 61! Starting off the new year with a bang. Today we’re releasing not one, not two, not even three, but four chapters simultaneously. Enjoy the finale of Einhart’s befriending arc in a single … Continue reading

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ViVid 57 – A Gift For Tomorrow

I promise that this chapter is worth the wait. Take it all in as we spend time with Vivio and Einhart each preparing for what is to come. Continue reading

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Confronting memories and feelings in ViVid 56 (edit)

Last chapter left us hanging. Today we finish the visit to the Library and the girls confront the weight of the old, lingering memories and their friendships today. It’s been a long an emotionally taxing day for Vivio, so Nanoha-mama … Continue reading

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