Nanoha ViVid 101 ~ The Champion

Nanoha ViVid 101 preview.jpg

Nanoha ViVid 101
Number One in the World

Einhart is arguably just as important to this story as Vivio herself. So it’s only right and fitting that we see where her own journey has taken her.

MEGA | Dynasty-Scans

Scans/Cleaning/QC: 4th Dimension
Translation: Kinsei
Proofreading: KiraWing, Cthulhudpc
Typesetting: Yashamon
Site Management: PrimeSonic
Acting Project Lead: 4th Dimension
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10 Responses to Nanoha ViVid 101 ~ The Champion

  1. Hilar says:

    How many chapters left?
    Will your group disband after finishing ViVid since there’s no Nanoha manga left to translate anymore?
    Or you guys will pick up some other magical girl type of series to work on?


  2. yoyo says:

    thanks for the chapter


  3. Fruit says:



  4. Anonymous says:

    One more chapter to go.


  5. Ali says:

    Many thanks! 🙂


  6. kf124 says:

    Thank’s for the update!! ^_^


  7. PrimeSonic says:

    102 will be the final chapter of ViVid.

    As far as potential projects, there is still Nanoha Original Chronicle to return to.
    But most of the team has long since taken off and a lot of those still around are looking forward to taking a proper hiatus.
    Time will tell if enough people with the right talents come together to take on that manga, but for now, we’re just looking to finish ViVid already.


  8. Will Rennar says:

    Beautiful work as always, everyone.

    Seems my interpretation of things from last chapter was right…at long last, Claus’ spirit can rest in peace. ❤


  9. 1 more to go, DETONATION released today, so looking forward to watching it when I get a chance to.

    Edel managed to get a few hits in this time but it was another decisive win for Einhart to become champion.

    I really liked the loli officer reference at the end there, I like how you guys do funny stuff like that, I remember some good ones for the Reflection manga as well.

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  10. Nan says:

    Thank you for doing this! Ahh, I loved the conclusion of Einharts story so much. They did such a beautiful job of tying up loose ends and having her find peace finally ^\\^ I can’t stop gushing.


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