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Nanoha Original Chronicle 06

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Original Chronicle The 1st With the first battle over, it’s time to turn back the clock to Fate’s origins, as Rynith takes us through Fate and Arf’s early years. Read online at MangaDex: Chapter 6 Read … Continue reading

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Nanoha ViVid 100 ~ Coming Home & Remembering

~ Nanoha ViVid 100 ~ Hegemon Style Einhart Stratos After the most intense match of her life, Vivio is taking a well deserved rest. While that happens, Einhart takes on the champion and reflects on her long past as she … Continue reading

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Anthology 18 – Ending on a Somber Note

So today we mark the end of an era and new beginnings. The Comic Anthology wraps up today on story number 18, A Wish of Arf. This one takes us to one of the more serious moments of the original … Continue reading

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Vivio’s Magic makes hearts happy – Anthology 7

Little Vivio is just too pure for this world Yes, we skipped Anthology 6. And ViVid is overdue. Rest assured that those are coming. In the meantime, the season of love and giving continues and this tiny short right here … Continue reading

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Movie a la Carte 9 – Pour me another one

We know it’s been a while. Here, have a cup of hot milk. Sometimes life gets demanding. And even the things we love have to take a back seat for a little bit. So while you contemplate the possibility of … Continue reading

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A la Carte 8 hits right where it counts

In a lovely mix of comedy and gentle melancholy, we visit Fate’s trip to her dream world inside the Book of Darkness. Linith and Presea make quite the moms here with Alicia marking the cherry on this Testarossa sundae. For … Continue reading

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