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Ix Awakens as ViVid Re:STARTs (63/15)

At long last the wait is over. ViVid truly restarts and this chapter brings us one more of the many new beginnings in store for us. Continuing where the cliffhanger at chapter 62 left off, Ixpellia not only shows magical activity through her coma but something bordering on miraculous happens. Let’s celebrate together with volume 13 kickoff in Nanoha ViVid 63 Continue reading

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Nanoha Original Chronicle Debuts! (Temporarily canceled)

With all due apologies for the slow releases lately (see the next post) here’s a glimmer of hope that we’ll be back to action sooner than later. Today is the debut of the first chapter of what is to be … Continue reading

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Vivio’s Magic makes hearts happy – Anthology 7

Little Vivio is just too pure for this world Yes, we skipped Anthology 6. And ViVid is overdue. Rest assured that those are coming. In the meantime, the season of love and giving continues and this tiny short right here … Continue reading

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Shamal’s Discount Flashback Warehouse – Movie A La Carte 11 (Edit)

So a plot device happens and we get to see Shamal revisit some old memories with Hayate. Sure, it’s memories we’ve seen explored here and again but just how many times have we gotten to see the characters doing the … Continue reading

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Confronting memories and feelings in ViVid 56 (edit)

Last chapter left us hanging. Today we finish the visit to the Library and the girls confront the weight of the old, lingering memories and their friendships today. It’s been a long an emotionally taxing day for Vivio, so Nanoha-mama … Continue reading

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Lyrical Nanoha – Franchise Retrospective by Digibro

If you haven’t had the chance to watch this awesome three-part retrospective on the Nanoha franchise, now’s your chance. On behalf of die-hard Nanoha fans everywhere, thank you. And who knows, these might also a cool avenue to introduce new … Continue reading

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Remember Movie A La Carte? We’re doing that again :)

That’s right, we’re going back to this little collection of quasi canon for some fun times. This story takes place after the events of A’s and lets our adorable tiny hothead Arisa take center stage. I’m loving it already. So … Continue reading

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Nanoha ViVid Season 1 Recap Episode

[ron] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid – 12.5 (recap) [30931C42].mkv Quoting TheRon directly for this one: This episode refers to itself as “post-12” which is why I listed it as 12.5 instead of 13. It contains absolutely no new animation. … Continue reading

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