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Group News – Reflection & ViVid

There’s been too much silence from us on our website so here’s a quick update to let you all know what’s going on. So, in lighter news, we have word that Nanoha Reflection[ANN] will actually screen in some U.S. theaters. … Continue reading

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Double ViVid Release!!! – Nanoha ViVid 66 and ViVid Strike! ep4

Two ViVid releases on the same day was bound to happen sooner or later. And we’ve got pretty significant entries today. One of them light and fluffy with the other hitting some quite polar opposite notes. Continue reading

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Anthology 13 – With some good news!

Prepare for a few good laughs with Hayate and her overprotective guardian knights in this latest release. Continue reading

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Holiday gifts start early this year – Anthology 5

Nanoha Anthology 5 That’s right. Two girls. Spending the day together. On Christmas Eve. The subtext writes itself. The fifth story in the Nanoha Anthology collection follows Teana and Subaru, still with Section Six, on another outing into the city. … Continue reading

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Movie A La Carte – The 4Koma Edition

 Movie A La Carte 12 Oh yes. The time has come once again to lovingly satirize our favorite magical girls. While this entry in Nanoha Movie A La Carte lacks the scope of the original A’s Nano and StrikerS Nano … Continue reading

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Confronting memories and feelings in ViVid 56 (edit)

Last chapter left us hanging. Today we finish the visit to the Library and the girls confront the weight of the old, lingering memories and their friendships today. It’s been a long an emotionally taxing day for Vivio, so Nanoha-mama … Continue reading

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It’s time to wrap up the history lesson – ViVid 55

Our little stars dig through the final chapters of Belkan history. Knowing how things came to an end didn’t seem to soften the blow one bit after we got to know more of the lives of Olivie, Claus, and Jeremiah. … Continue reading

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ViVid 54 – History was sweeter than we knew

An entire chapter dedicated to the lives of Olivie, Clause, and Jeremiah. Things were looking pretty nice for a while. We’ll see more of what was happening between Clause and Olivie, and we finally discover Jeremiah’s secret. So apologies for … Continue reading

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