Confronting memories and feelings in ViVid 56 (edit)

Vivid56_previewLast chapter left us hanging. Today we finish the visit to the Library and the girls confront the weight of the old, lingering memories and their friendships today.

It’s been a long an emotionally taxing day for Vivio, so Nanoha-mama is ready with a home-cooked meal and a hot bath. Take this time to wrap things up and unwind with…

ViVid 56 – A Step Beyond the Past

Translation: Kinsei
Raw Scanning and Cleaning: Crazy Hat
Proofreading: Kira Wing, Cthulhudpc, and crew
QC: Setsuna F. Seiei
Saint King & Typesetting: Sastunyan


EDIT: Apologies for the odd numbering of the files. I’m currently on vacation and don’t have access to my PC with the software I use to take care of these things without thinking too much about it.
The link is now updated with a version 2 of the chapter. There’s a minor correction in there too just in case.

If you already renamed the files yourself and just want the corrected page, here it is:


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11 Responses to Confronting memories and feelings in ViVid 56 (edit)

  1. Fruit says:

    Ah, thanks a lot!


  2. Bossjoe says:

    I Love you guys so much!! Keep up the great work!


  3. CrimsonDX says:

    Such a small fix. Wonder how long it will be till next chapter ;__;


  4. CrimsonDX says:

    We need post editing on this thing. Thank you for the release!


  5. PrimeSonic says:

    Did I miss something?


  6. Fruit says:

    He probably wanted to say thanks already in the first post but forgot.

    Speaking of fixes, pages 1-9 have two-digit numbering with leading zero, but 10-32 are three-digit (unneeded zero at start). It seems that can fool some image viewers. It hit me and I only when I arrived at the end I realized that I missed most of the snacks+debriefing part at the start. Please stick to everything double-digit next time T_T


  7. PrimeSonic says:

    I got ya. I’m on vacation for now so I don’t have my usual software I use to normalize the files.

    Expect a version 2 in the evening.


  8. NivinyaFate says:

    Thanks for the release, Vivid is my favorite manga currently so I really appreciate that there’s people working to translate it into English.


  9. art248 says:

    thx for translating this. 😀


  10. Random Fan says:

    I see MangaHere is working at their usual speed. (Still only to 55, nearly two months later) :p


  11. Ali says:

    Thanks for the hard work! ^^


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