Group News – Reflection & ViVid

There’s been too much silence from us on our website so here’s a quick update to let you all know what’s going on.

So, in lighter news, we have word that Nanoha Reflection[ANN] will actually screen in some U.S. theaters. This is certainly wild and unexpected but thank you Eleven Arts for giving some of us outside of Japan a chance to see the movie on the big screen. This might not mean much to the lot of you not in the U.S. but this is quite the unexpected development for such a niche series. We’ll be sure to share any further info as we hear about it.

The other news is that we’re unfortunately out of a main typesetter again. We had hoped that things would resume after a quick vacation break but turns out, that’s not going to be the case.

We’ll scramble to get a few chapters of ViVid going again in the meantime but we really need someone who wants to make this their role in the team. We’ve got scripts and clean raws to work with along with some sharp-eyed people to help keep quality in check.
If you’re interested in helping roll out chapters of Nanoha ViVid, get in touch with us either by email or on our Discord. We’ll be waiting and so will the fans.

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7 Responses to Group News – Reflection & ViVid

  1. Wait, SERIOUSLY?!?! Reflection is gonna be screened in US theaters??? Holy fucking shit, I need to keep an eye on that, the second that appears on fandango or if a theater somewhere I can drive to plays it then I need to order tickets in advance. I cannot fucking miss this, my life depends on it. o.o

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  2. Will Rennar says:

    Not gonna hold my breath on Reflection airing up here, but if it does, I may have to call in sick one day.

    Also, thanks for explaining the slowdown on scanlation postings. Hope you guys get a new typesetter soon.


  3. PrimeSonic says:

    We’ve got some things in place right now so you guys don’t have to wait so long for a new chapter. Thanks for your patience.

    In the meantime, here’s hoping anyone who jumps on board will be willing to stick with us in the long run.


  4. Random Fan says:

    Thank you for updating. 🙂 Hope you find a good typesetter soon. 🙂


  5. PrimeSonic says:

    We’re closer to finding one than we thought. We should have some further news on this (along with a release) in the next few days.


  6. Vivid Fan says:

    Wow! That’s good news!😄 Thanks for the information!😊


  7. I hope the movie gets released on BluRay and subbed by one of your staff, I don’t live in the USA.

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