Movie A La Carte – The 4Koma Edition

 Movie A La Carte 12

malc12previewOh yes. The time has come once again to lovingly satirize our favorite magical girls.

While this entry in Nanoha Movie A La Carte lacks the scope of the original A’s Nano and StrikerS Nano (which you can still find if you know where to look), it still brings with it a lovely bit of parody to the scope of the A’s Movie. This time though, we decided to have a little fun with it while we were trying to identify the handful of references to material outside of the Nanoha franchise. The result of that mess was a twin release where you get to choose how much of our nonsense you want with the original humor. So here it is!

Tsuzuki-Type Nanoha

Original | With Translator Notes

Download Original for a clean version. See how many of the jokes you can pull apart. Be warned, if you aren’t fully familiar with Nanoha A’s and The Movie 2nd A’s then the whole thing will just fly over your head. But then, if you weren’t familiar with the original source material, then how could you be here? 😉

Download With Translator Notes for a few explanations of references and extra humorous jabs by yours truly. Completely optional. Choice is yours. If anything, it’ll give you all more ammo to make fun of me with.

This release wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of our free agent Tori and the rest of the team.

Translation: Kinsei
Scanning: N3tt
Cleaning: PrimeSonic & CrazyHat
Editing: Tori Karaage
Script QC: PrimeSonic
Evil Mastermind: PrimeSonic

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5 Responses to Movie A La Carte – The 4Koma Edition

  1. Fruit says:



  2. Random Fan says:

    Thanks for the releases. Any news on ViVid 57? 🙂 It in progress, or still waiting on stuff? Or… is it a victim of that stuff that’s been going around elsewhere? 😦


  3. PrimeSonic says:

    Our main editor, Setsuna, is working on ViVid 57. Don’t worry. It’s coming.


  4. guy says:

    I recently learned that Nana Mizuki also voices Tsubasa from Symphogear.


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