Nanoha Innocent got a sequel!

Nanoha InnocentS

InnocentS_title1Please note the extra ‘S’ in there. I almost didn’t notice the first time.

We’ve done a bit of a time skip and now the cast of StrikerS gets to have their time to shine, though in a form that’s almost too adorable for this world. That’s right, we’ll get to see a tiny Teana and Subaru make friends and have fun in the same world that gave us the original lighthearted AU.

The scanlation is being handled by AriteDrop. The first two chapters are already out and waiting for you to fall in love with this fluffy world all over again.

Nanoha InnocentS chapter 1
Nanoha InnocentS chapter 2

If you haven’t already, go over there now and check it out. And while you’re at it, help spread the word. Fans of the StrikerS cast and the first Innocent series are bound to get a kick out of watching the miniaturized stars exploring this world.

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  1. PrimeSonic says:

    Updated link to second chapter release post


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