Vivio’s Magic makes hearts happy – Anthology 7

anthology7previewLittle Vivio is just too pure for this world

Yes, we skipped Anthology 6. And ViVid is overdue. Rest assured that those are coming.
In the meantime, the season of love and giving continues and this tiny short right here just seemed to embody the spirit of the holiday even better than the one with a holiday in the title. So after you enjoy another glimpse into the Takamachi family life, take some time to show care and appreciation to your own loved ones.

Anthology 7
Vivio’s Magic

Translation: Kinsei
Cleaning/Editing: PrimeSonic
Quality Control: Setsuna F. Seiei

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1 Response to Vivio’s Magic makes hearts happy – Anthology 7

  1. Kaarme says:

    It’s easy to predict Vivio will become an SS ranked mage in the future, just like her two moms, when her magic is already so potent despite her young age.


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