Nanoha ViVid 96 – Vivio vs Nanoha ~ Mama will not go down

Nanoha ViVid 96 – Tying Down

Nanoha-mama sees first hand just how much her little girl has grown. But just because Vivio is fighting in earnest doesn’t mean that Nanoha is going to just throw the match. Nanoha retaliates in full force as the fight escalates.

MEGA | Dynasty-Scans

Scans/Cleaning/QC: 4th Dimension
Translation: Kinsei
Proofreading: KiraWing, Cthulhudpc
Typesetting: Yashamon
Site Management: PrimeSonic
Acting Project Lead: 4th Dimension
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4 Responses to Nanoha ViVid 96 – Vivio vs Nanoha ~ Mama will not go down

  1. kf124 says:

    Wow… Another update!
    Thank’s for the update!! ^_^


  2. Arklight says:

    Thanks for the update. Although i spotted spelling mistake on file/ page 11 when Vivio kicked Nanoha-mama with her Revolver Spike. It is wrongly spelled Revlolver Spike instrad.


  3. Will Rennar says:

    Thanks once again for all your work on the update, everyone! This chapter is awesome…it’s nice to see the Unchain Knuckle and higher settings for Blaster Mode weren’t forgotten.

    Looking forward to next chapter! 😀


  4. art248 says:

    Thanks for the new update.


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