If you were looking for Nanoha Innocent, you’re in luck!

ViVid Translations and YuriHouse team up!

In case you weren’t aware, Nanoha Innocent has been picked up by our newest affiliate, YuriHouse. While they have a yuri focus, they also have a great love for all things Nanoha. I highly recommend you pay them a visit.
Thanks to the the close ties we keep with some of their staff, we shared resources to help ensure that Innocent continues on with steady releases.

The image links bellow will take you to where you need to go.

Innocent Duel 05

Nanoha Innocent
Duel 05

Innocent Duel 04

Nanoha Innocent
Duel 04


~Nanoha Innocent Duel 04~

Translation: NightJumper
QC: Emer
Scanning/Editing: N3TT

~Nanoha Innocent Duel 05~

Translation: Kinsei
Scanning/Editing: N3TT
QC: Emer
Team Relations: PrimeSonic

If some of those names seem familiar, well they should be. Emer helped us bring some adorable ViVid era doujins during his time at ViVid Translations and is currently leading YuriHouse into greatness. N3TT, our newest team member, works double-duty providing scans and image work for both teams. Special thanks to them and a very special thanks to Kinsei who will be forever remembered as one of the most beloved translators in the Nanoha fandom.

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6 Responses to If you were looking for Nanoha Innocent, you’re in luck!

  1. art248 says:

    this is a nice surprise 🙂


  2. art248 says:

    btw what happened to raizoo? i tot he was doing nanoha innocent?


  3. mutopis says:

    Duel ch 5, pg 7, “But just the once, understood”. shouldnt it be “this once”


  4. CybeastGregarX says:

    Did GiB drop this manga project as well?


  5. Ali says:

    Great to hear that!


  6. Zane says:

    This is a great posst thanks


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