Merchandise Alert ~The Definitive Nanoha Figure

Real Action Heroes (No.652 RAH)
Nanoha Takamachi Excelion Mode
from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A’s

If you didn’t catch the preview, then take a look at it now.

RAH Nanoha will be available for pre-order on all the major sites on November the 24th.

My full madness induced raving bellow the break.

Adapted from a personal blog post.

I don’t think you understand just how amazing this figure is. Check out the gallery of preview photos if you’re still unsure.

Standing at 27cm, this is a 1/7th scale figure. Only the highest quality makers go that big.
It’s fully pose-able too, a rarity among scale figures.
Oh, and get this, it has an actual fabric cloth outfit! That’s… almost unheard of. All while still looking 100% accurate and faithful to the character.

And did you pay attention to that third image? This has got to be the first PVC Nanoha figure, I’ve seen with actual layers to the clothing. This is the closest anyone has ever come to 100% recreation of the costume on a figure.

The design of the outfit can also hide the joints perfectly so you can pose this almost as a PVC statue and no one would notice. It’s just beyond amazing.
I used to think that Alter’s 1/7th scale Nanoha was the “definitive” Nanoha. Then GSC made a Nanoha for the ActSta line of fully pose-able 1/8th scale figures. And that was also amazing. But this… this one is the best of both worlds that goes so far as to completely one-up the everything that came before it.

As of today, this is the real definitive Nanoha figure. Absolutely perfect and going above and beyond everything we’ve ever seen. It’s at a hefty collector’s price, just over 20,000 JPY (about 200 USD), but if you could only ever have a single Nanoha figure, this one should be the one to aim for.

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