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Holidy Greetings and More Innocent

From ViVid Translations and YuriHouse we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a great new year. Time to enjoy a simpler, more Innocent world once again, in Duel 06. Have a good one and enjoy. Credits Raws/Cleaning: N3TT … Continue reading

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Nanoha Innocent Inter Mission 1 – Ready for Stand By

It’s time to take a break from the high action duels and take a moment to spend some time with our girls in their home life. Hearts will be warmed in this relaxed and loving installment of Nanoha Innocent. Download … Continue reading

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If you were looking for Nanoha Innocent, you’re in luck!

ViVid Translations and YuriHouse team up! In case you weren’t aware, Nanoha Innocent has been picked up by our newest affiliate, YuriHouse. While they have a yuri focus, they also have a great love for all things Nanoha. I highly … Continue reading

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