Nanoha Innocent Inter Mission 1 – Ready for Stand By

It’s time to take a break from the high action duels and take a moment to spend some time with our girls in their home life. Hearts will be warmed in this relaxed and loving installment of Nanoha Innocent. Download links can be found here and here.

Intermission01_prev1 Intermission01_prev2

YuriHouse and ViVid Translations continue collaborating on this highly anticipated project.

Scanning: N3TT
Translation: Night Jumper
Editing: Emer
Proofreading: Setsuna F. Seiei
Team Relations: PrimeSonic

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7 Responses to Nanoha Innocent Inter Mission 1 – Ready for Stand By

  1. yoyo says:

    thanks for translating it


  2. CybeastGregarX says:

    Fear the spoon bitches! XD

    I always loved that moment when Nanoha showed her skills as a swordsman, but anyway thanks for translating this! ^^


  3. mutopis says:

    pg 11, “Pretty amazing for it being hobby and having a dojo”. I think the sentence should be “being a hobby”.


  4. yoyo says:

    I liked the ‘spoon-sword’ that nanoha show in the end – this is remind me the OVA triangle heart 3 – ‘sweet song’ ( if I don’t mistake the name )


  5. art248 says:

    nice one XD
    thx for the release btw 🙂


  6. knossus says:

    In my fantasy world, Miyuki-Kyouya-Fiasse from TriangleHeart3 somehow has passed the baton to Alicia-Nanoha-Fate in this series..


  7. PrimeSonic says:

    *Acquiring new headcanon*


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