Improvements to the Download Archive in progress

Since the number of projects and releases we’ve been working on has been steadily growing, so has the download archive. And it’s been starting to get a little out of hand. So we’ve taken action.

Over the next few days, the Download Archive will be receiving polish, organizational restructuring, and hopefully expansion to cover as much material as we can.

No links will be affected by this change. You can still link directly to the Download Archive page, only now you’ll find that the individual release links have been replaced by links to their own pages, organized by series or general category. More additions and improvements are on the way, so sit tight and check back later.

EDIT: (12/12/2013)
All chapters of Force are now readily available.
Innocent has been added and given its own page.

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1 Response to Improvements to the Download Archive in progress

  1. art248 says:

    wow good job you guys 🙂
    it does look more refined now. job well done


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