Promoting Nanoha releases on YuriHouse

You must know of our friends and affiliates at YuriHouse by now.
You certainly know that we’re working together to bring Nanoha Innocent back up to speed.
But did you know they also have their own Nanoha projects and series going on?

After the break, we’ll go over a few highlights from their releases:

There were questions before asking if we would be doing the Material Musume series. Well, YuriHouse has already started. Fun, lighthearted, 4koma style humor with just a tiny reminder to the events of the original Gears of Destiny game.

If you’re looking for something more along the lines of nanofate doujins, well, they have that too. In collaboration with Yuri-ism, they’re bringing out the whole Mekimeki collection. (doki doki doki)

And if instead you wanted not so much manga but just high quality artwork, then they’ve also got the Gears of Destiny Official Visual Book. Careful now, those are some really high resolution pictures there. Use them wisely.

As a final word of caution as you traverse their Nanoha tag, or just browse through their scanlation projects or even their public raws, keep in mind that they do host a bit of NSFW content. So you probably should take caution if you’re still in the office when you go there. 😉

All our love and support to our friends, collaborators, and fellow fans of our adorable little white devil. ViVid Translations salutes you.

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2 Responses to Promoting Nanoha releases on YuriHouse

  1. yoyo says:

    thank you for the information


  2. cpttakamachi says:

    YuriHouse is awesome.


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