Love Nanoha? Want to scanlate?

ViVid Translations is looking for new hires!

Currently we’re working as fast as possible on a lot of projects, all without slowing down our releases of ViVid (which was the reason this group came into existence in the first place). And while things are moving along fine at a steady pace, there’s only so much we can do with the resources we have.

This is where you come in. There are lots of official and unofficial material we’d love to get scanlated, not to mention speeding up the stuff we already have on our to-do list. But to be able to take on more than what we already have, we’re going to need a few extra hands.

If you’re interested in being part of the team, keep reading bellow the break for more info.

The positions we’re looking to fill

Currently, we’re in most need of raw-cleaners. We’ve got a lot of scripts waiting to be typeset and typesetters waiting for clean raws to work with. That would be our first order of business but if you can bring other skills to the table such as translation checking or raw scanning, get in touch with us anyways.

What you get to work on

Depending on how quickly this plays out, you might get to work on the editing of some of the later Movie A La Carte stories. Once that’s done we have the Nanoha Anthology next in line.
Beyond those two, it all depends on how many people turn up. We have more potential collaborations with YuriHouse involving Innocent A La Carte, Nanoha ViVid LIFE, and Nanoha ViVid Full Colors.
We’ve also got more spin-off material like Breakers Portable, more doujins, comics from the Gears of Destiny Visual Book, and who knows how much more stuff we could get our hands on.

All this depends on getting enough people to take on the extra projects so we can get them out the door quickly without delaying any of the projects in progress.

Specific skills you will need to get involved

Requirements for all Applicants:

No matter what role you want to come in for, there’s a few basics you’ll need to have covered so you can effectively work with the team.

You will need:

  • a Google account for accessing Google Docs/Drive
  • an email account you check with relative frequency
  • passion for making more Nanoha material available to English speaking audiences
  • commitment to always finish the project you start
  • attention to detail
  • desire to work with other fans from all over the world to bring out the best we can and make your mark in the legacy of the Nanoha fandom


You’ll often be working with raw scans that will need to be cropped, rotated, leveled, and cleaned of text. Meticulous attention to detail is a must in the art department. If you also have the artistic skill for redrawing images after removing out-of-bubble text, you’ll be at the top of our list.

You will need:

  • an advanced image editing program*
  • skill and know-how enough to use it
  • basic knowledge of cleaning raw manga scans, leveling, removing image noise, etc
  • ability to redraw images behind text

* While most of our editors recommend Adobe Photoshop as their tool of choice, it’s not mandatory. If you can get the job done in SAI, GIMP, Paint.NET or any of the other alternative image editors, go right ahead. Use the tool you work best with.

For us to see what your skill level is, and for you see the type of raws you’ll often be working with, we present you with these raw scans.

Cleaning Evaluation Image 1 | Cleaning Evaluation Image 2

Do everything you can with these. Make them as clean as possible. The more the better. They’re to show off what you’re capable of. So try to wow us. Your work will be evaluated by our lead cleaner and artist, CrazyHat.

Translation Checkers (No Translation Checkers needed at this time)

You’ll be acting as a second line of quality control somewhere between translation and proof-reading. On the more dialog/text heavy scenes, you’ll be looking over the raw scripts, making sure things are accurate and going over any comments set up by our translator.

Sometimes we’ve had to scramble to name attack moves made out of kanji that just don’t work all that well going into English, so be prepared to put forward some creative input when the need arises.

You will need:

  • basic to advanced comprehension of written Japanese
  • know-how for checking kanji (furigana happens often but not always)
  • self-direction in checking scripts and following up on the changes discussed by the proof-readers

You’ll be talking to Kinsei and Satsuki on this front just to make sure your level of Japanese is enough for this kind of work.

Where to begin

First off, you’ll want to go to our Contact Page and drop us a line so we have your contact info and can get back in touch with you. Let us know what you’re bringing to the table.
For raw-cleaners, get in touch with us first before attempting to send your cleaned images.

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