Answering your questions about Innocent

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As you have noticed Vivid Translations and YuriHouse have started releasing Nanoha Innocent, but wait, “Wasn’t that taken by GiB a while back?” Here’s what’s up:

On different occasions, both ViVid Translations and YuriHouse independently offered assistance to GiB to get the releases back on a regular schedule. We were both declined.

With GiB releases being less than uncertain, YuriHouse offered to take up the project with ViVid Translations pledging full support to Innocent just like we did for Nanoha Force with ZSS Scans. Consider this a collaborative alliance to ensure Nanoha Innocent moves forward again at a reasonable pace.

As devoted fans of Nanoha, we really want to see more content being translated and released for the world over to enjoy.

By no means are we stepping over GiB’s love for the series or bypassing their right to have taken this series. If someday they were to come back and still express interest of scanlating Innocent, we will gladly pass the torch back to them with their promise that it will still continue moving forward, without long periods of down times, and that any help they might need is definitely welcomed by both Vivid Translations and YuriHouse. we will gladly pass the torch ONLY if they agree to have the project be a collaboration including Vivid Translations and YuriHouse.

We firmly believe that all fandoms should not clash, for we are all a happy family much like the Nanoha-verse characters. We’ll support each other and help each other, out of friendship and common purpose.

Hope that answers your questions.

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13 Responses to Answering your questions about Innocent

  1. Anon says:

    What i get out of this is “If GiB wants it back, they will”. What’s the use of that? They’ll just get it back and fuck up the schedules again. “Must promise”.. haven’t they promised a lot of bullshit they never kept regarding the releases already? They’re not going to get it back and pick up the pace soon anyway. If they would, that just shows how much of an asshole that group is, having had the ability all along and yet given us those slow as fuck releases.

    If you absolutely must have the option to give it back to them, offer them a week. If they can’t do shit within that week, just get back to it. If they do something, but continue with the same pace as before, take it back again. Whatever the case, people don’t really care about the process, we want results. If one group is obviously not competent enough to deal with something, they shouldn’t be allowed to continue with it. Even more so when there are lots of other groups with the competence that’d rather do it.
    They’ve simply shown themselves not worthy of having monopoly on this manga, so remove them from the equation.

    Thanks for reading my rant.


  2. orange03 says:

    You’re welcome, Anon-san. Please do not worry. We don’t want to use heavy words such as the ones you have used. “Must” and “Fix.” All of us scanlators do, dual jobs, AKA our real life jobs and our online jobs such as serving you guys with new fandom stuff translated from Japanese to English. As what the message would mean, we would ‘only’ hand it over if they ‘promise’ to become active, and/or actively show updates regarding the series, ‘only’ if they allow us, Vivid Translations and YuriHouse to help them, if they cannot promise this but wants to do the series again.

    Worry not that we will not just gladly ‘oh okay sure it’s yours again!’ we would make negotiations, confirm stuff and of course make sure that the series will continue without long periods of down time. So please rest assured, we only serve to bring you guys new stuff from the Nanoha fandom, and I’m sure they will too. A big family is a happy family.

    However, we cannot just completely remove them from the equation, they got ‘first dibs’ as how it would go on slang, to do this manga before anybody else did. Although our offers of help have been refused we still respect them for doing the initiative to take this project. So please, let’s just treat the option of giving it back to them (with consent) as a respect to what they have done before, but sadly was not able to continue until now.

    Please rest assured we will not leave the Innocent in the dark. Relax. Today is a good day. 🙂


  3. Anon says:

    I completely understand the whole “First dibs” thing you’re speaking of, and it’s completely right. However, they have repeatedly shown that they can not handle it and therefore their right to the “dibs” should be null. If they all of a sudden *can* handle it, as I mentioned in my previous post, it’s a douche move. Not that they can do it now, but the fact that they didn’t bother to do anything until shit hits the fan. So it’s not really a question of ability or not, it’s a question of will. You may or may not get this part, so I’ll just leave it there and not press too hard on the issue. It’s not the main thing I wanted to bring up.

    The only thing I originally wanted was for you to edit the first post and make it sound like you’re more firm in your stance instead of it sounding like you’re trying way too hard to not step on anyone’s toes.

    There, no “heavy words”. Hope it’s satisfactory.

    Best regards


  4. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    If you asked me, it’s not a big deal if multiple groups work on the same title. Heck, just look at how many groups fansub any given show. Readers will pick which ever version they prefer. The internet is big enough for the both of us.


  5. orange03 says:

    Already done, Anon-san. Have a great day! 🙂


  6. orange03 says:

    However, print media and digital media are different kinds of media and sales. We all know that the season of e-books and online reading have come, soon physical copies of manga and comics will be gone, only if the sales die. This is why groups that scanlate Yuri (I only know for this side cause I only work for this side) usually avoid revealing manga raws (like because it would be hard to convince readers to support the artists by instead of purchasing physical tankoubon, they just look for raws online. This is also the main reason that scanlating groups avoid to do dual work on a single series.

    Scanlating is a lot of work, more time consuming afaik than fansubbing. Print media is dying, it needs support. These are main factors why we’re doing this as a preventive solution. I hope you understand.

    We’re doing piracy, but we do our best to help the authors as well.


  7. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    I don’t see how your point relates to this. Having two groups work on one title isn’t going to impact sales anymore than just one group doing it. Those people who weren’t going to buy it are never going to buy it.


  8. Well that definitely explains a lot, but honestly GiB should just stop translating manga if they are gonna keep delaying others like this which further proves their unreliability. I waited a long time for Innocent chapters 4 and 5 but you and YuriHouse quickly got those released no problem, further proving that you are one of the best Nanoha translators ever.


  9. art248 says:

    hahaha ic, that is wats goin on now.
    well glad to see you guys and yuri house pick up the baton
    good job 🙂


  10. orange03 says:

    Well, you can never disregard the point that if two groups scanlate it and raws start to scanlate then, no one will really want to buy the books anymore. I guess it’s more of a way of management than, dual scanlating, which is still a waste of them, nonetheless.


  11. Hiss13 says:

    I’m wondering…Is there a chance that you will also collaborate with YuriHouse to release the Nanoha GoD/BoA: Material Musume manga?


  12. PrimeSonic says:

    YuriHouse does indeed have the raws for those. Though right now we have a lot of work in progress and pending.

    And while we might be able to get them translated along the way, there’s still the matter of getting editors.

    As of right now, we can’t confirm that we will be able to get to it right away. Maybe later in 2014, but just not right now.


  13. Hiss13 says:

    Ahh…okay. Thanks for the reply.


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