ViVid starts a new volume with chapter 43

Einhart wants to prove her strength. Sieglinde wants to offer comfort. Neither of them are backing down. And no matter how much punishment the heir of Jeremiah dishes out, the heir of Ingvalt just keeps on coming. Doesn’t look like this will end until one of them ‘befriends’ the other. Are you ready? Cause things are getting beyond intense.

ViVid 43

ViVid 43

Nanoha ViVid chapter 43

Translation: Kinsei
Scanning: Satsuki
Cleaning: Crazy Hat
Proofreading: Kira Wing, cthulhudpc
Typesetting: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic

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8 Responses to ViVid starts a new volume with chapter 43

  1. Kraco says:

    Looks like Einhart is finally getting what she wanted from this match. The fight is getting really good. It’s also clear she would have never gotten this far if she had kept training all by herself and by random street fights.


  2. The shit has hit the fan now.

    And I have a question, will you get around to doing your own translated versions of chapters 1 to 12?


  3. PrimeSonic says:

    That will be answered at a later time. For right now, we have a lot of projects going on. But this is something we’ve talked about. When we’re ready to give information about that, we will.


  4. art248 says:

    hey nice stuff 🙂
    keep up the good work


  5. yoyo says:

    thanks a lot 🙂


  6. Ali says:

    It’s so exciting! Thank you so much for the release and can’t wait for the next! :))


  7. Time Diver says:

    thanks for an update. btw I got a little bit exciting info related to Nanoha for next year…


  8. PrimeSonic says:

    Yes, we are well aware of this development. Though right now I have no clue who will be doing that one when it comes out. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. There’s still time to look into it.


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