Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Hi there! It’s retired-slash-owner Orange03 AKA Satsuki here! It’s been a long time, and wow, a long time it is. I’ve received this since last October but I only remembered to do it now. I’m very sorry. A lot has happened, both in the internet and our personal lives and I’m glad things are going well nowadays, so I suppose it’s about time we end something, don’t we?!

coverSo here its!

Oriental Sacred Place Chapter 18

finally, huh?

Credits:Raws/Editing: Phyis
Translations: Kinsei
QC: orange03

I greatly apologize for the extreme, very extreme lateness of this release. However, who isn’t happy to see a good series end? Have a nice weekend everyone!

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6 Responses to Happy Late Thanksgiving!

  1. Signum says:

    Will you be releasing a batch of the series? I haven’t read this yet and THIS happens to be the first chapter I’ve gotten my hands on. It’s hard finding earlier chapters.


  2. satsunyan says:

    Oh. I’m sorry, we only picked up from Chapter 14 until the end. UMAD Scans was previously scanlating this until something happened and the rest was not done. However I think you can search for it in the Touhou Wiki to find them.

    In any case, if you’d like I could upload a batch of the chapters we did and put it up in the download page. ^^


  3. Signum says:

    I can try, but a batch would be nice. ^_^ I’ve actually never heard of the UMAD group. O_O;


  4. Kinsei says:

    Yeah, well… we did a lot of pr0n, with a dash of Touhou, so if that’s not your thing, that’s not surprising.

    Also, I could swear the Touhou Wiki had active links to all the chapters.


  5. orange03 says:

    Yup. What Kinsei said. However, sure, I will go ahead and upload batch of all the chapters we’ve done.


  6. Signum says:

    @Kinsei: Porn is okay, as long as there’s not a lot of sloppy sloshy retarded looks and scat. >_<

    I'll check the Wiki when I get some time. Life gets uber crazy this time of year for me with craft shows one after another. Evening barely provides enough time to mellow out with constantly remaking product by hand.


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