News – Download Archives MEGA update

Some of you may have already seen that we’re slowly putting back together our old download archives. Some of them had to be completely re-done. Others went untouched.

For the most part, if you’re looking for a past release that we were archiving, you should be able to find it in the various download pages. The individual posts might still be updated in the future but that will be an undertaking for another time.

Check below the break for details on the current status of the download archives.


Now with new links to our MEGA storage.


These survived the take down and are still hosted on MediaFire.


Still in the works to ensure we have the latest version after any post-release edits.
Broken links were removed.

You may notice that some links in the Downloads Page and the menu have been changed.
Some pages/links were merged into one. Some were simply renamed to simplify links.

Our downloads of Nanoha Original Chronicle will be removed until we are able to pick up that series again, which, at the moment, isn’t really on our radar. However, if you are a scanlator yourself, feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to arrange a collaboration on this one as we do have access to our own scans for the project.

The next release of ViVid will be coming soon, if a little bit delayed.

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1 Response to News – Download Archives MEGA update

  1. Choco says:

    Please keep up the hard work. Thank you for everything.


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