ViVid Strike ep5

[VividTrans] ViVid Strike! - 05 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mkv_thumbs_[2016.10.30_17.42.57].jpg

[VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 05 (1280×720 x264 AAC)

We continue right where we left off last time and finish uncovering Rinne’s past. Are you ready? Is Fuka ready? Time to find out.

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16 Responses to ViVid Strike ep5

  1. natchu96 says:

    Wow . . . they were bad enough the last episode and frankly deserved some of those injuries . . . but this Sarah person wouldn’t even own up to it?!?

    It was debatably overkill before, but now it was entirely deserved.


  2. Anonymous says:

    “I lost what was precious to me because of my weakness. To stop that happen again, I have to become stronger, stronger than everyone”
    Rinne’s problem is exactly same like Einhart’s old problem.


  3. 4th Dimension says:

    That was quick?! Last time the translation took you longer.


  4. Ice says:

    I didn’t even notice somehow


  5. natchu96 says:

    And obviously the solution is to go and beat them up to reinforce the friendship.


  6. Ice says:

    Thats what Nanoha normally does
    Vivio did that too because she’s Nanohas daughter
    And Fuuka
    Idk why she does that tbh


  7. Kinsei says:

    Barring extenuating circumstances, any weekend I’m off from work will increase the pace of the episode release (because I can get started on it right away).

    But, yeah, as soon as the necessary files are released and I have extended time to work on it, it’s at the top of my priority list. No worries.


  8. 4th Dimension says:

    Actually for Einhart it was more like “I need to prove I’m strongest therefore I’m able to protect those I love”. Also Einheart wasn’t this cold and broken I think. But then again she ran into Vivio before she could get too hard. It should’t be that easy with Rinne since she has been doing this for a long while and she has really hardened her heart.


  9. 4th Dimension says:

    Fuuuuuuccckkk. When it rains it really pours on this girl. Also I still don’t trust like that miss trainer.

    Also wasn’t Micah black haired?!? At first I thought that was Ginga judging by the hair alone.


  10. Another Time Diver says:

    Thanks for doing this that quickly. On the good side of news Amazon US has decided to stream this as well

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  11. Another Time Diver says:

    Yup that Mica! Hayate and Nove’s friend that got defeated by Miura in original Vivid manga.


  12. 4th Dimension says:

    I know who Micah was it’s just that I am farely certain she was darkhaired in manga and blackhaired in Vivid anime, so I was surprised when she turned up to have blue hair.


  13. Systems says:

    thanks again~


  14. Vullture says:

    Awesome, and it came rather quickly this time. Thanks for all of the work you guys do translating these and i’m hyped for the sparring matches against the older fighters.


  15. thundabreaka says:

    They defanged Fabia in this episode. (TT ^T T)


  16. Those 3 bitches lied about everything. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse.

    Watching Fuuka set up and fight like that for the 1st time was really cool.


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