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Nanoha Detonation – Subs by TheRon

Big thanks to TheRon for once again bringing quality subs to the Nanoha fans outside of Japan. For those who were waiting for better subs or are still waiting on their disc to come in the mail, here’s you chance to watch it now. Continue reading

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ViVid LIFE Vol 1 – Thanks Ron :)

ViVid LIFE MediaFire | MEGAz Once again, TheRon has given a great gift to the fans.  If you’ve been wanting a more lighthearted, comedy driven, ViVid experience, this is the manga for you. And at long last we have an … Continue reading

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ViVid Strike! Bluray Batch – TheRon

While a bit late to the party, we wanted to give a big thanks to Ron for putting together the archival batch of ViVid Strike (ep 13 included). Go get these now while they’re still seeded. [ron] Vivid Strike! (1080p … Continue reading

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Nanoha ViVid fansubs by TheRon – A Followup (Edit for ep10)

Much to the delight of Nanoha fans everywhere, the /a/nonymous contributions to the ViVid anime from the fansubber known as TheRon continue to come at a steady pace. The subs are ready to go usually less than 24 hours from … Continue reading

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