A Little Drop releases Nanoha InnocentS ch10

Just a little update that I almost missed myself: Nanoha Innocents Chapter 10 is out.


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7 Responses to A Little Drop releases Nanoha InnocentS ch10

  1. 4th Dimension says:

    Innocent is such a source of mixed feelings for me. On one hand I really like their desperate attempt to mash ALL the characters from all the different continuities into one setting. And I think they are mostly managing to do it fine. So we get to enjoy Jail being at his hammiest while not having to suffer his villain side of strapping young girls to operating tables and doing horrible things to them while he laughs.
    Also the fights are suitably flashy.

    On the other hand every time they try remind me that it’s all based of some stupid cards, or when they try to talk about the tech, my enjoyment drops like 500% because all the explanation concerning that are 300% stupid and make my head hurt.

    They had a good thing going for a while when they did not mention that everything is based of cards, and for a while I could pretend it was all influenced by personalities and willpower, but then they had to mention them again in the previous issue to explain aggressor’s OP abilities. And my enjoyment fell every time they started tech teching the problems.

    As for this issue, the beggining was a bit of a chore for the aforementioned reasons, but when we got back to the character stuff, like how they set up Jail’s relation to the Nakajimas it was MUCH more fun. Especially the Quint/Jail relations at the end. 😉


  2. CybeastGregarX says:

    Jail is Quint’s older brother and they live next door in a mecha house while also not being insane and a kind family man who loves his family, and Vivio and Einhart appear out of nowhere. This is seriously getting crazy here. xD

    My only question is if Vivio and Einhart are computer programs that manifested in the real world, or if they are from the mainstream timeline and appeared in Innocent via a dimensional rift in the same way they appeared in Gears of Destiny.


  3. 4th Dimension says:

    There you go spoiling everything while I was trying only to hint at things. But yeah as I said I like and admire their attempts to forcibly splice all these characters into one setting so they can interact with each other.

    I have no idea what they are. Considering how little to do with logic the explanations of the lore had to do so far, they might as well be made of sentient melons or something and I would not bat an eyelid.

    When the ground started shaking at first I thought that was Quint vibration shatter making her way into Jail’s shack to have a WORD with him.

    I wonder how will Vi get involved with Nanoha and Fate. Them interacting with a younger than them Nove might also be interesting. 😉


  4. CybeastGregarX says:

    And how long were you on this blog? Not too long? This isn’t ANYTHING new, look at the older posts here and you can clearly see everyone discussing what has happened in these chapters as this is also a place to discuss about what’s going on in the Nanoha series. This isn’t a freaking reviewing site to give vague hints, it’s a social sharing and news site of anything Nanoha related to talk and discuss about.

    Plus, I wasn’t even talking to you. -___-


  5. 4th Dimension says:

    I will apologies that my chastisement of you was maybe worded too strong. It was more meant in a half joking manner and it was not meant to be understood as me trying to force you to post no spoilers not ever. Especially since I have ran afoul of no-spoiler nazis that consider any mentions of plot of something they have not experienced as completely ruining their enjoyment.

    I have always found it nice to be at least a bit coy about these things. Sure if we end up discussing things than the “spoilers” are free to fly. But if you are giving your impression with some content you should be able to give your general impressions without going straight to the throat. Basically do some foreplay before jumping some toppic’s bones.

    As for the discussions in the past, have you by any chance glanced at the comments of the Strike posts? Me and Carthienes spend pages whining in great detail about that show, so yes I am aware of how things go.

    Since you have posted your opinions in form of a public comment on a public post, you are addressing it to both the original poster AND everyone that reads the post.


  6. Carthienes says:

    4th Dimension said:

    “Strike … Me and Carthienes spend pages whining in great detail about that show”

    Before Seguing into discussing Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (from the original series to StrikerS, plus supplementary materials) and Vivid as well, originally by way of comparison. I think we have not got as far as the Movies, yet. Plenty of spoilers there to ambush the unwary, though they have to wade through a few long rants to get as far as the big ones.

    Don’t really have much else to add here as I haven’t made a start on innocent yet – is it better than Strike (low bar though that is)?


  7. 4th Dimension says:

    Ehhhhh. Don’t expect too much from it on the plot department, since the entire lore abckground set up of them being able to use their powers because they got cards to use in a VR game is ridiculous and riddled with holes.
    I like it more because it allows interactions between practically ALL the characters from all the diferent adaptations of the Franchise. I mean in it Lindy and Prescia run a gaming/toy store together, and Prescia has both Fate and Aliscia as her daughters.
    And Suzuka and Arisa also participate and get appropriate fire and ice powers. I’ll let you guess which one got what.
    One of the potential problems on the character interaction front is that Nanoha is a newbie and there are already veterans at it, The Materials and the Yigamis, so they can steal the spotlight.
    Basically the character stuff and how they set up the connections between characters is the fun part, especially since even though all the characters are good and there is no evil characters (like we mentioned Jail is just a massive edgy nerd that wants to role play the evil all conquering mad scientist) their major personality traits are still there. So Prescia even while being dotting mother of her two daughters is still unhealthily obsessed with them and once one of them dissapears you get a glimpse of her personality that would damn a world to protect her daughter.

    Also while it does not have the groundedness of the rest of the series the combat is flashy and fun.

    Also the beginning is kind of rough because it most of all tries to display the actual card game part, since this manga is supposed to popularize the acrual IRL card game, but over time they sensibly decide to marginalize the card aspect as much as possible. But it’s still there and in my mind it’s a massive fly in the ointment for me.

    But it’s also the part of franchise that gave us Nanoha’s “solution” to catching up to her opponent while they are doing a canyon fly through.

    Basically, when you have some time, endure the beginning since it’s rough, and then turn your mind off and enjoy the show.


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