ViVid Strike! Ep12 END

[ViVidTrans] ViVid Strike! - 12 END (1280x720 x264 AAC).mkv_thumbs_[2016.12.21_21.16.33].jpg

Yup, it’s the final episode. Thanks for watching with us. It’s been quite a ride.

[VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 12 END (BS11 1280×720 x264 AAC)

And for those of you who love binging entire seasons in one go, here’s the batch torrent.

[ViVidTrans] ViVidStrike! Batch 1-12


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22 Responses to ViVid Strike! Ep12 END

  1. thundabreaka says:

    Another great series comes to an end. What else to look forward to? I wish the Lyrical Nanoha series would never end. (This includes the side stories like Vivid Strike!) (º_º )


  2. (/゚Д゚)/ says:

    but who won the finals (/゚Д゚)/


  3. CrimsonDX says:

    Another amazing Nanoha series. Just can’t get enough of these characters. So glad Rinne and Fuuka were able to reconcile.


  4. 4th Dimension says:

    Considering the levels of scrapes and bruises on Fuka and Ein, I would guess Ein. Especially since they showed that she is finally able to match Sig. And Fuka being within sighting distance of Sig after just couple of months of training is ridiculous enough without making her able to beat her master.


  5. 4th Dimension says:

    My overall thoughts are less generous. Strike certanly did some things in an interesting way. But most of those revolved around Rinne. They massively toned down fan service so I don’t as a teacher feel like I need to report myself in as a pedophile. The elites interacting with Vivid cast was fun even if it did not do much for the plot and even maybe wasted time. The idea of doing a darker take on Vivid was an interesting one but badly executed.

    And with that on to bad things: the fights were bland, the main character had less agency that did not feel like writer fiat than Vivio, they failed at least for me to make me care for Rinne on subjective and emotional level, Jill got away with her bullshit scot free and it seems she plans to continue with her brutal way of training (which contradicts Nanoha from StrikerS), the video/streaming “resolution” felt it came out of nowhere and did not work for me and they did several stupid things that are not excatly in line with the lore (think lack of protection for U-15 competitors and giving adult mode to basically everyone). OH and setting this in a tournament setting felt like something that they felt they had to do even if IMO it did not make sense for the type of story they were trying to tell, which is basically a copy of Nanoha/Fate from first season. The tournament prevented the main thing that should have been driving the plot, interaction and butting of heads between Fuka and Rinne and it also sidelined Fuka to a side character for like over half of the episodes as Rinne was punching her way through other Nakajimas.


  6. 4th Dimension says:

    Oh BTW, a commentary track (basically StrikerS characters commenting on the movie as they are watching it) was added with the Blue Ray edition of both movies. The translation of the commentary has been around for a while, but now finally somebody has adapted it into subtitles and published them with one of the episodes of Strike:

    It’s a nice way to remind ourselves of the old crew and Teana and Subaru can be quite fun.

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  7. whisper says:

    thank you very much, i like this series. the vivid series seems more understandable than first nanoha series, as it use martial arts. honestly i dont get all the shootapocalypse and armageddon level destruction in nanoha series O.o

    i rather seeing something new, gonna search for rinne doujinshi now xD


  8. 4th Dimension says:

    But but beautiful destruction! The amounts of firepower that make your body hair grow…


  9. Another Time Diver says:

    I overall love Vivid-Strike as general and how the wrap everything up when the ED song went with still images showing Rinne as part or at least train together with Nakajima gym, Fuuka visited Rinne’s new family and how the Winter Cup ended. I think it went into draw as it shows both Fuuka and Einhard with trophy in the middle.

    Once again thanks for this wonderful little series that makes Nanoha-universe becoming more vivid in my life. I look forward on how things continue on and hopefully I can still get more Nanoha related stuff going on every year from now on…


  10. Carthienes says:


    It’s over. It’s finally over. I can think of no greater praise.

    This Episode was a haphazard attempt at tieing plot threads that could have had entire seasons dedicated to each individual one – after eleven episodes of trying to show off everything that had come before (and failing to do justice to those things they crammed in), they finally devote an episode to showing off all those new things they’d introduced. They should have spent a lot more effort building them up, first, or just dropped them – they might have been loose threads, but they were very short ones.

    A lot of people have said that this season is trying to mimic the first. Having just finished watching that season, I don’t see it. At all. Yes, we have a stubborn main protagonist trying to beat some sense into the depressed ‘Girl with Sad Eyes’ – but that is about it. You might as well say ‘It has some fisticuffs in it, it is obviously trying to mimic Oliver Twist’. The links are really tenuous. I’ll try giving a fuller review after rewatching the Strike in one lump (after rewatching the other Nanoha seasons), but my initial impressions are… Not Good.

    Strike seems bland and indifferent at best. The general impression I come away with is a mild disgust that Nanoha has come to this.


  11. Another Time Diver says:

    Two (or more) OVAs would be bundle with the Blu-Ray release. Hopefully one of them would address the duel between Einhalt and Fuuka as I truly love to see them fight against each other as the one and only way for them to express their gratitude towards one another as well.


  12. 4th Dimension says:

    When we say it tries to mimic the first we do not mean in particular plot wise. We mean more that they are trying to recreate the events that led to creation of their previous big hit pairing. Maybe even hoping that people will care about them su much that they might be the leads for the Next Generation.
    So they are pairing/pitting a strong open girl against a ball of emotions and issues that is in a rough situation that is causing her to act edgy and hurt because of that. Then they aim to resolve it all through punching each other.
    Unfortunately for them, unlike in the first season where practically EVERY single episode after 4th it was about Nanoha and Fate often clashing and Nanoha trying to get to her constantly, and Fate not being bitchy, here they have too many characters that have too much an active role and are preventing Fuka/Rinne interaction. And the bloody tournament is not helping.
    And since there is not enough proper interaction, we don’t get to see how their feeling change. It also probably does not help that how they met and interacted before is kept to a minimum so we don’t really get too much of a sense of their dynamic before the split.
    Oh and not to mention that Fate WAS NOT befriended because she got defeated. Nanoha defeating her was merely something that reset her, and allowed her to seize the reins of her life for the first time and take a good hard look at where she is and where she might want to go. And STILL she would have chosen Prescia had she not been utterly deranged and spat on her offer.


  13. Carthienes says:

    Not to mention that Fate is a strong girl suffering under extremely trying circumstances, that Nanoha helps to resolve; whilst Rinne is wallowing in the aftermath of the unpleasantness which just comes across as pathetic. We see more of Fuuka angry over Rinne’s behaviour than we do of her attempting to sypathise or empathise (compare Nanoha’s “I’m sure she must have a good reason for doing this”).

    It is a very different dynamic.


  14. 4th Dimension says:

    Also, while it might be shallow but still valid, Fate looked and felt COOL even while she was being a woobie without being an ass. Rinne was not as lucky in her story.

    As for Fate being strong, ehhhh up to a point. She certainly wants to be strong and appear that, which is partially why she dresses like she does to appear in control. But beneath the skin of her invulnerability lies a girl filled with doubts and issues. Remember how Jail broke her with couple of words. And while those feelings and fears of inadequacy and failure are a weakness they are also the source of her DRIVE to help others, first her mother than people in danger. Basically once she was not being manipulated by Prescia, she was able to channel her problems and issues into more productive and positive direction. But then I might say that Rinne too is being manipulated by Jill who is steering her wrong, and what is worse Jill is STILL her god damned trainer at the end.

    Back to Fate, my cannon, potentially unwarranted, that I like is the contrast between Fate and Nanoha. One is an introvert and other is outrovert. One likes to push her feelings and sense of inadequacy and fear of failure in and only lets them out with choice individuals hiding beneath an armor of strength and confidence the other appears to be weaker, more easily startled, wears her feelings on her cuffs. One dresses as someone dark and scary, the other prefers fluffy battle gowns. In general more “girly” while in fact that is light dusting over the core which is an unstoppable war machine. Basically one is a pinata though hardened in the shape of a weapon willed with marshmallows, while the other is a mace covered by a layer of marshmallows.
    The White Devil moments are just moments when somebody screwes up enough to blast the outer layer of marshmallows and expose the machine below.

    The trouble though for Nanoha is that while her iron strength is her advantge 99% of times, if anyone ever manages to apply enough mental stress on her she is likely to shear through completely, since she will not be able to bend. Fate on other hand can do that, and will simply add this new issue to her pile.


  15. 4th Dimension says:

    BTW apparently a manga came out with some editions of Strike or something, and the translation of the first issue is out. Link by courtesy of nanofate:

    And oh look what is this, Vivio has not been sired by two sentient picture glints. 😉


  16. Carthienes says:

    Fate was strong, but not invulnerable (something which she would acknowledge, without collapsing in a heap of despair) – what she endured would be enough to break almost anyone, but she was able to carry on without pause. She did show the effects of her burdens, she simply refused to allow that to interfere with her work – until she was completely broken by her reason for existing telling her to dissapear (it was the “I always hated you” line that did it).

    Even then, Fate did not stay broken long – she picked herself up within what seems to be less than half an hour. Notably, nobody tried to slap some sense into her at this point – Nanoha had dashed off to fight Precia, leaving her to Arf who followed soon after. Leaving Fate alone with her melancholy, and the realisation that “I can’t possibly think of giving up now.” Nanoha was important, undoubtedly, but she was not the one to drag Fate from her Pit of despair.

    That’s a lot for a nine-year old girl to survive – Rinne can’t hold a candle to it.


  17. 4th Dimension says:


    Maybe what Rinne really needed is to pick up a more wholesome hobby, like breaking a bunch of mecha with a friend ;). And not breaking a bunch of fellow teens and preteens.
    Really somebody needs to make destructive mechatherapy a thing in Nanohaverse 😉


  18. Carthienes says:

    4th Dimension said:

    “Really somebody needs to make destructive mechatherapy a thing in Nanohaverse”


    There’s probably a FanFic for it somewhere…


  19. Anonymous says:

    Rinne can’t transform anymore because being defeated or sealed by Fuuka so she can together again with Fuuka. Her power has gone, forever. Hope Vivid Strike make an OVA about Rinne getting her power again.


  20. 4th Dimension says:

    What? Where did you get the idea that Rinne was sealed?!? She is not a Lost Logia or something to be sealable.


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