New Site Banners

Along side some minor tweaking to the website’s visual style, our awesome editor has graced us with a ton more site banners for you all to enjoy whenever you come visit the site.

There’s going to be so many more that it may be a while before you see them all. So, for those who really really want to enjoy the new banners right now, a new page was added under the Downloads menu. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to New Site Banners

  1. Setsuna F Seiei says:

    Some turned out better than others, but I hope everyone likes them.

    If anyone has an image they think would make a good banner, by all means post a link and I’ll see what I can do.


  2. redemption024 says:

    Thanks guys! I’m having some real fun reloading the page and finding all these new banners 😛


  3. PrimeSonic says:

    For those looking for the full images:
    The scans are already online on places like


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