ViVid Strike! Ep 10

[ViVidTrans] Vivid Strike! - 10 (1280x720 x264 AAC).mkv_thumbs_[2016.12.07_19.52.14].jpg

In true sports anime fashion, we can’t conclude a climactic battle without a flashback. Remember that time Subaru had to fight the mind-controlled Ginga? It’s kinda like that.

[VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 10 (BS11 1280×720 x264 AAC)

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26 Responses to ViVid Strike! Ep 10

  1. Carthienes says:

    Not to worry – we Are nearly there!

    However, I decided that I owed it to myself to remind myself why I loved the franchise so much, so I am rewatching the entire thing from the first season, so I probably won’t be quite as active as I have been for a few weeks – feel free to argue without me.

    The first thought that struck me on rewatching episode one was how much better the graphics and animation looked, which surprised me because I know that academically speaking that is not the case. I think that it is mostly down to it being perfectly suited to the story and setting (though I do like the way magic circles gyrate into place, piece by piece, and the shimmering barriers that got replaced by those jagged layers); though the fact that I do not personally care much about the technical quality of the medium undoubtedly helped.


  2. 4th Dimension says:

    Have fun. On the animation side pay attention sometimes to Nanoha’s hair animation. It can be particulary gnarly, 2-3 looped frames gnarly. Also notice how much those first couple of episodes untill Fate arrives feel off. Now think in your head which of these scenes are from before they got the idea to go mecha and befriending way for the show, and which were made afterwards to tie up those vanila magical girl scenes.


  3. Carthienes says:

    The animation felt fine – I feel that if you are focusing on the technical quality of the presentation you are missing the point. It is good enough for me to get exactly the story they are telling, which is plenty good enough (since the story is good). On reflection, the graphics and animation is a little crude, but its perfectly adequate for it’s purpose. The presentation fits so well that it feels better than Strike, even if it isn’t. One of the problems of using higher quality graphics is that there are more little details that you need to get right to keep it looking good. Simple is perfectly fine by me.

    I did not notice Nanoha’s hair being gnarly, though, and the first few episodes did not really feel off either. I did note that there were three points of escalation, dividing the series approximately into quarters. It started with the Introduction of Yuuno, Jewel Seeds and Raising Heart (an, by extension, Magic) whilst keeping the rest of the world relatively mundane. Episode 4 Introduces Fate, confirming that there are other worlds, other Mages, and that they are willing to interfere. This raises the stakes, but does little to change our view of the world other than to emphasise how different and individualistic different Mages can be. Episode 7 Introduces Chrono, and by extension the TSAB and dimensional space, though we don’t actually get the details until the next episode, along with some further exposition which clarifies matters. Episodes 9 – 10 sees Precia taking an active role in events, as the plan of action changes from ‘Gather Jewel Seeds’ to ‘Arrest Precia’, leading to the grand final showdown.

    Watching it, it seemed a smooth progression to me, and reflecting on it reminds me of Sanderson’s Lectures on Learning Curves. Nanoha throws us some weirdness, and gives us just enough time to grow accustomed (not enough to grow comfortable) before throwing the next batch of weirdness at us. It keeps things strange without making them incomprehensible, and the progression feels natural. Whilst the escalation does change the tone of the series, it seems to be more as adding an extra layer of complexity that interacts with the existing world rather than overwriting it. Nanoha did not simply take a dark turn – it had additional, darker elements integrated with the extant setting and plot. These elements fit, they feel right, as does the lighter ending.

    Ultimately, however, I still feel for the characters. The first season still has the power to bring tears to my eyes after all this time. That alone puts it leagues ahead of Strike.

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  4. 4th Dimension says:

    When I’m talking about weirdness it’s a bit weird to see Nanoha as a protagonist of a normal episodic Magical Girl show which the show was during those three episodes. The wierdest bit in particular is the gigantic tree episode and it’s fallout or better to say lack of it. Remember this is BEFORE they introduce the confusingly named “barrier” that drops magical things out of sync with the rest of the universe.

    In episode three the downtown Uminari gets absolutely covered/strangled by a TITANIC bloody tree, and then a hugeass beam has to be fired to take it out. This is all in broad daylight. And NO ONE of the normals EVER comments on it. I kept expecting something, at least a wink and we never get anything. It’s a good episode apart from that, it further tackles the fact that Nanoha is fully into protecting her city and gathering Jewl Seeds and feels responsible for anything that might happen if they fell in the worng hands AND it starts the idea that nothing is truly out of Nanoha’s range, but that is the episode that most felt out of place to me. It’s as if they forgot to mention how they intended to return to status quo or they ripped the script from another show/plot or something.

    On the other hand I do agree about the escalation. it’s well done. Nanoha starts with doing mostly PvE content before moving to some PvP to brush up her sklills before doing the Legendary lvl90 raid on Prescia’s place. In fact one of the things I liked about the show in general is that it does some thing really sensibly. There are all these OP and dangerous artifacts and out there there is an entire civilization based around magic, so of course they will have somebody in charge of collecting these and preventing damage caused by these, so OF COURSE they will arrive to lend aid if entire worlds are threatened. It wouldn’t be left only to a single lone girl.


  5. Carthienes says:

    The ‘Normal Magical Girl Stuff’ may feel a little out of place compared to what we eventually got, but it still works for me – especially when taken in sequence. Having a significant difference between the beginning and the end is generally the sign of a story well done (have you ever read a positive review that could be boiled down to “Nothing Happened”?). Episode 13 felt a lot more like Episode 1 than Episode 10, which felt right given that the horrible threat had finally been dealt with allowing things to return to almost normal.

    The Giant Tree thing does get mentioned in a couple of Sound Stages as I recall – they mention that multiple people report sighting a giant tree, though the location is inconsistent (remember, not one trunk but several) which is put down to hallucination (given that there is demonstrably no Giant Tree). The damage is also noted, albeit separately (I think the news reporter notes that it coincides with the Giant Tree sightings, though as they don’t take that seriously they don’t try connecting the two) – it is puzzling experts, who can’t understand why it happened. Fortunately the damage appears to be relatively light (in the sense that repairs rather than rebuilding are sufficient), albeit extensive, so repairs are underway. I’d have to double check if they officially put it down to a minor earthquake, but I can’t remember which Sound Stage it was.

    The worst thing for me was some of the, quite frankly idiotic, decisions the TSAB made – I am glad that Nanoha eventually joined them as a tactical Trainer. She could certainly teach them a thing or two. The early weirdness, however, strikes me as being a result of the balance between the episodic content and overarching plot. In the first three episodes there was an overarching plot, but it was of minor impact leaving each episode as it’s own self contained story and contributing little to the overall plot. After Episode 4, the overarching plot got stronger and stronger, leaving less and less of the episodic nature – it’s less a change in nature and more a shift in emphasis.


  6. 4th Dimension says:

    Huh I did not know that they tried to patch that up in SSs?! I just checked though and using a quick search I could find no mention of trees, and the only things that I found was a news report of the damage Nanoha left when she fought back at that veterinary clinic.
    If you happen to find out where they tried to justify the gigantinc tree, would you mind letting me know where it is?

    As for TSAB bad decisions, which one do you refer to? Leaving a powerful mage that knew how to dimension travel unattended and in no kind of barrier that could prevent her from escaping? Sending a bunch of probably B level top mooks against a deranged SSer, that has previosly proven capable of doing crossdimensional attacks against even warships, that was also being powered by a reactor?


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