ViVid Strike! Ep13 (OVA + OST)


It’s been a long wait but the epilogue to ViVid Strike! is here and ready. We’ll wrap up all the loose plot threads and then take a day off at the beach. It’s light and fluffy, and has almost every character that ViVid has ever thrown at us. It’s been one crazy ride getting here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this fun little moment with the girls as they all come together one last time.

[VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 13 OVA (WHD 1280×720 x264 AAC) + OST

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4 Responses to ViVid Strike! Ep13 (OVA + OST)

  1. Thanks again for all these. I enjoyed the comic a lot and will listen to the OST later.

    A lot of things happened at the start.
    Corona & Rio joint 1st in a tournament. Victor defeats Sieg to become champion.

    Einhart vacates her world title undefeated and moves to U19

    I really liked the fact Rinne became champion but unfortunately she beats yet another random scrub to get it.

    I am convinced more than ever that the only purpose of this show was to make the previous ViVid characters even more relevant. They did a great job protecting them.

    Rinne did defeat Muira but by dubious methods, they had her hold back for no reason then made her eat her own words in order to win that fight instead of just having her fight properly.

    Vivio beats her twice in a row and she doesn’t get a match against Einhart in a title match or just in general.

    If they had Rinne defeat Vivio & Einhart it would have been fine, those 2 would not have looked bad even if they lost, especially since they built Rinne up as this near unstoppable monster at the start of the series, kinda like a female Brock Lesnar but they buried her big time.

    Anyway back to the OVA.

    It’s was nice to see them all get along at the beach. I thought it was funny that Fuuka & Rinne couldn’t swim, but luckily Chantez & Victor helped them out. Chantez even teasing Fuuka they she might let her go.

    I had a lot of fun watching them all play beach volleyball. The big match was Rinne & Fuuka VS Einhart & Sieg but unfortunately Rinne hit the ball so hard she burst it. So they had to find other methods to compete.

    I laughed a lot when Fabia summoned a kraken that got Els. It was nice to hear both Rinne & Fuuka say they love martial arts.

    Everyone photobombed Rinne & Fuuka’s picture that was about to be taken at the end, a great way to finish the show.

    Now to wait for the next ViVid chapter to be translated, I have seen raws up to 87 but have no idea what they are saying, I have only started learning Japanese.


  2. CybeastGregarX says:

    Huh, the OST is labelled as the second one, is there another one? Also the cover of it says Vol.4. That’s weird.


  3. PrimeSonic says:

    Yes, the first OST disc came out with the Volume 1 release.

    You can grab that one, courtesy of Ron.


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