Nyaa.se down and deactivated (update)

Popular anime torrent site NYAA has lost control over its Swedish .SE domain name, which was deactivated a few hours ago. As a result, the site has become unreachable. The domain status suggests that the responsible registry intervened, which is something that could happen in response to a copyright-related court order.

Update: The NYAAtorrents.org and NYAA.eu domains are also deactivated now. This suggested that there’s a coordinated action involving multiple domain name registries.

Update: There are several people suggesting that the domain names were taken down by the owner. The org domain also has a “pendingDelete,” which could back this up. When a domain is deleted before the expiry date it could trigger a “serverhold” status, which is generally set by the registry.

There are also some screenshots in circulation that would back this up. However, TorrentFreak hasn’t been able to verify these.

We can only speculate, but given that the domains were registered through different companies, manual removal by the owner would be a plausible explanation at this point.

Update: TorrentFreak heard from several people, including site moderators and other people close to the site, that NYAA’s owner decided to close the site voluntarity. In other words, this likely means the end.

Original story: Anime Torrent Site NYAA Goes Down After Domain Name Deactivation

Since all of our anime releases and promos were done through Nyaa, this breaking news was worth mentioning here.
Any further updates and developments will be added to the Torrent Freak article.

Since it’s confirmed, by all reasonable accounts, that Nyaa is gone for good, we will be discussing internally what we’ll do with all the Nyaa links we’ve shared over time.
This will take some time to sort out. Our apologies in the interim.

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12 Responses to Nyaa.se down and deactivated (update)

  1. CrimsonDX says:

    This is really disheartening because most of my favorite series are not licensed, so torrent is the only way I can get them.


  2. Very sad to hear.

    That was a great site.


  3. thundabreaka says:

    Well, there goes seven years of pleasure.


  4. Setsuna F Seiei says:

    Cut off one head, two more shall take its place. HAIL HYDRA!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. CybeastGregarX says:

    I wonder how we’ll get our torrents now… this’ll cripple those who cannot watch unlicensed anime. :<


  6. Another Time Diver says:


    I found this website for example although unfortunately it was written in mandarin. Anyone that is fluent in mandarin might be able to help me reconfirm on whether this can be used as Nyaa replacement after all?


  7. Fruit says:

    Try this instead: https://www.acgnx.se/announcement.php
    Seems to have a copy of the non-adult Nyaa catalogue, including the descriptions.


  8. PrimeSonic says:

    I’m also seeing recommendations for https://anidex.moe/


  9. Ali says:

    This Chinese site might be an option: https://share.dmhy.org/


  10. Fruit says:

    Another Nyaa ressurection site (could be good, although the search didn’t work for me).


  11. ore says:

    Just use Minglong tracker and AniDex for index


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