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Anthology Returns – Vita takes Vivio to the zoo

As if this series wasn’t already light and fluffy, now we add fuzzy bunnies to the mix. This chapter was collaboratively brought to you by your faithful ViVid Translation team and our comrades over at Payapaya Scans. Make sure you … Continue reading

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ViVid 51 – It Doesn’t Get More Nanoha Than This [LQ Release]

Oh man… this chapter was just beautiful. Vivio really is the rightful heir to Nanoha’s legacy. She truly is the one. You’ll get what I mean after you check out… Nanoha ViVid 51 Witch’s Memories – Credits – Translation: Kinsei … Continue reading

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Lutecia Tips the Witch’s Cauldron in ViVid 50 [Quick LQ Release]

You know, I can’t help but smile when I see established characters return and shine. It also goes to show that while the likes of Vivio, Einhart, and even Sieglinde may be formidable, our heroes returning from StrikerS have all … Continue reading

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Updating Everyone on our Current Status

Just a quick update on what’s going to happen for the next releases of Nanoha ViVid. Check under the break for our current game plan:

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ViVid Chapter 49 and A Call to Action

The search for history through the archives of the Infinity Library comes to a crashing halt when the little witch finally shows herself and reveals her true power. You would do well not to underestimate a witch’s curse. The action rises … Continue reading

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Movie a la Carte 9 – Pour me another one

We know it’s been a while. Here, have a cup of hot milk. Sometimes life gets demanding. And even the things we love have to take a back seat for a little bit. So while you contemplate the possibility of … Continue reading

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Update – No, we haven’t forgotten anyone

It’s been far longer than usual since a release so I figured it was best to let you all know that we’re all still alive though not necessarily kicking.

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A la Carte 8 hits right where it counts

In a lovely mix of comedy and gentle melancholy, we visit Fate’s trip to her dream world inside the Book of Darkness. Linith and Presea make quite the moms here with Alicia marking the cherry on this Testarossa sundae. For … Continue reading

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