ViVid 51 – It Doesn’t Get More Nanoha Than This [LQ Release]

vivid51_previewOh man… this chapter was just beautiful. Vivio really is the rightful heir to Nanoha’s legacy. She truly is the one. You’ll get what I mean after you check out…

Nanoha ViVid 51

Witch’s Memories

– Credits –
Translation: Kinsei
Raw Cleaning: PrimeSonic
Proofreading: Kira Wing, Cthulhudpc
Type Setting: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic

Update on the raw situation:
We now have the books we need to scan. We’ll start back up on HQ releases starting on chapter 53. Once time allows, we’ll go back and re-release the LQ chapters for best quality archiving.

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20 Responses to ViVid 51 – It Doesn’t Get More Nanoha Than This [LQ Release]

  1. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    Actually 52 will be LQ as well. That’ll finish off volume 10 so volume 11 will be back to standard.


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    Gotcha. Updated the post for that info.


  3. Multy7 says:

    On page 24 the bottom word balloon says “was” twice.


  4. Kaarme says:

    Like mother, like daughter, huh? I can certainly see it in this chapter. I don’t think Nanoha is yet ready to pass the torch for good, though. She’s, what, 23 in Vivid?

    Thanks for the release!


  5. scorpiowolf says:

    mhm….yeah definitely Nanoha’s kid….


  6. PrimeSonic says:

    Well, considering she went back into the line of duty in Force (which is chronologically after ViVid) yeah, she isn’t done yet. Nanoha’s just taking a long and well deserved rest after the events of StrikerS. 🙂


  7. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    duely noted, thanks.


  8. CrimsonDX says:

    Oh yeah, This is the Nanoha I know and love :3. Glad to see Vivio carrying on the family tradition. Though I was hoping for a little “befriending”, talking it out works too :p


  9. Alex says:

    This chapter really is awesome I just want to know something from the creator there have been stupid manga and gap I hope it isn’t true cause I love fate truly respect her so people nanoha and fate are lover is it true cause in this manga it like more girls then guys so I just to know anybody can answer thought


  10. guy says:

    Never officially answered.

    However, it should be pointed out that they live in the same house and jointly adopted a kid, and furthermore when they were in Section 6 they had a shared giant room with only one bed. Chances are very good.


  11. Anonymous says:

    She is DEFINITELY Nanoha’s daughter XD


  12. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    At the risk of starting trouble again, there’s a scene next chapter that kind of disproves that.


  13. Some yuricon says:



  14. Some yuricon says:

    Poor Fabia…


  15. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    Is that a bad car or something? Despite being a guy I have 0 interest in motor vehicles. I’m perfectly content with my 12 year old Intrepid.


  16. Some yuricon says:

    Well… just not fancy in any way. It’s a cheap basic family car for the not-so-rich post-communist central european people (among others).

    Other characters like Einhart or Fate seem have their car names from sport/expensive/fast ones though.


  17. Ali says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Looking forward to read the next one. 🙂


  18. art248 says:

    thx for this release


  19. art248 says:

    after reading this chapter lol. yes we can see lol she really does take after nanoha. except for one small part lol. Nanoha’s befriending usually involves the use divine buster or starlight breaker lol.


  20. Indream says:

    You got this. This is why it’s not pure Nanoha style. Fate style mb?


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