[Promo] Payapaya releases new Nanoha scanlations

Have you heard? Payapaya Scans went on a Nanoha scanlation spree.

There’s a couple of Vivio centered stories coming from the Comic A la Carte series and the fluffy slice of life comedy, Nanoha VIVID LIFE. [x] [x] [x] [x]

But what you might be more interested in checking out is Duel 07 and Duel 08 of Nanoha Innocent. If you’ve been wanting more of the AU, get on it.

Now, word from the heads of Payapaya confirm that this string of releases does not mean there is a long term plan for these series. So we might not see another Nanoha release from them in a while. But if the proper scans can be acquired, then who knows what the future might bring.

Best wishes to the team at Payapaya for bringing that little bit more of the franchise that Divine Bustered straight into our hearts.

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4 Responses to [Promo] Payapaya releases new Nanoha scanlations

  1. awesome! moar nanoha stuff is always a good thing


  2. CrimsonDX says:

    More Nanoha~~

    I love the Innocence series. Does my heart good to see the Testarossa family together .


  3. Kei says:

    Nice! i hope there are more chapters of innocents to be released!


  4. Vivio says:

    Chapter 9 done by a newcomer in scanlation world. Please support him/ her.



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