Anthology Returns – Vita takes Vivio to the zoo

NA - Friendly Zoo - 1As if this series wasn’t already light and fluffy, now we add fuzzy bunnies to the mix.

This chapter was collaboratively brought to you by your faithful ViVid Translation team and our comrades over at Payapaya Scans. Make sure you send them some love.

Will there be more to come out of this partnership? Only time will tell. But for now, let us rejoice together in that there is a little more Nanoha out there for us all.

Go get your download of
Anthology 4 – Vita and Vivio’s Friendly Zoo

Translation: Kinsei
Cleaning, Typesetting: Audio Erotica

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3 Responses to Anthology Returns – Vita takes Vivio to the zoo

  1. CrimsonDX says:

    Well that was disgustingly adorable.


  2. redemption024 says:

    with this, (and yuri-ism r320 😛 ) my day is complete. haha


  3. Kaarme says:

    A bit disjointed, but adorable, like CrimsonDX said.



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