A Little Drop releases InnocentS 4 + A Little News

Just making sure you’re all aware that chapter 4 of Nanoha InnocentS is now out thanks to A Little Drop. Go pay a visit and check out what baby Subaru and Teana are up to.

As for Vivid Translations. We’re working on new releases.
I’ll take this time publicly confirm that we will be doing Volumes 13, 14, and 15 of Nanoha ViVid. So that’s still going and hopefully at the usual pace. Though time may hopefully tell something different down the line.

Movie A La Carte is almost done and we will be releasing more stories from the Anthology collection as well until we have those wrapped up too. There’s no cherry picking with us. When we start a collection like that, we finish the whole thing.

There’s also a secret project that’s just now in the initial planning phases. But we won’t be doing a formal announcement until we actually get that started. So consider this just a tease. Know that by the time we wrap up our previously mentioned side projects, there will be another one coming that should be a delight to all.

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4 Responses to A Little Drop releases InnocentS 4 + A Little News

  1. Random Fan says:

    Good to hear, will be looking forward to the next 3 volumes. Was hoping you were working on them, didn’t want to assume tho. Hearing it for sure is certainly reassuring. ^_^

    Ooooh, a secret project. Cool. ^_^


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    Yeah, I hate to give away too many details while things are still in shipping. But once the material arrives and scanning can begin, expect a proper reveal.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds awesome, good luck with that goal. The anthology still has good untranslated stories. And more Vivio of course.


  4. Hiss13 says:

    >Secret Project

    Please let it be Material Musume. Please let it be Material Musume.

    Ah, well. I shall anticipate this then. :3


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