The Making of Movie A La Carte…the comic!

malc13previewLook at these wonderful dorks

This isn’t your typical comic. Rather than be another story that delves into some of the events of Movie 2nd A’s, this final comic instead celebrates the artists who made the whole of Movie A La Carte book possible.

Each writer took their favorite character to represent them and here they give us a little peek into the fateful day when it was decided that Movie A La Carte should be created.
Honestly, I think it’s a refreshing change of pace. And with this final entry, we wrap up Movie A La Carte. It’s been a long project with just as many ups and downs as our main series. And it’s one that I hope brought as much joy to you all as it did us.

Movie A La Carte 14 – Omake Project Nanoha

Bonus Material: Movie A La Carte Cover Art

Translation ~ Kinsei
Raws ~ N3TT
Cleaning ~ CrazyHat, Tori Karaage
Editing ~ Tori Karaage
Proofreading ~ PrimeSonic, Luthien
Quality Control ~ Luthien
Project Lead ~ PrimeSonic

Special thanks to Tori who is practically an honorary member at this point. When you’re juggling this many side projects, and with the OG crew tied up with ViVid, having an extra hand is always welcome.

Speaking of extra hands, on the official records, Vivid Translations gets a new member. Everyone say hello to Luthien. Expect to see her name pop up in more credits in the future. We’re making sure the extra help isn’t wasted.


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4 Responses to The Making of Movie A La Carte…the comic!

  1. Fruit says:

    Congrats and have fun, Luthien.


  2. mutopis says:

    the contents of the Bonus Material: Movie A La Carte Cover Art, is the same as the making of the movie omake. I am confused.


  3. PrimeSonic says:

    My mistake. Fixing it now with the correct link.


  4. Luthien says:

    Thanks, I hope to be more helpful and have fun with this awesome team as time goes on~ ^_^


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