Nanoha ViVid 102 – Final Epilogue


This really is it. After ten years since the manga first started, the final chapter is here.
Better late than never, perhaps. But at the same time, after all this time, it’s almost sad to see it come to a close.

To everyone who waited so patiently for each chapter, who sent us warm words, and those who just kept reading: From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Nanoha ViVid 102 preview

Nanoha ViVid 102
~ Towards a ViVid Future ~

We join Vivio one last time, not just to look back at how far she’s come, but to contemplate just how far she could go. We’ve watched her grow and the opportunities still ahead of her seem endless. So let’s share one more day with Vivio and take a moment to look forward to all the possible futures she could have, even if we won’t be able to see them ourselves.

MEGA | Dynasty-Scans

Scans/Cleaning/QC: 4th Dimension
Translation: Kinsei
Proofreading: KiraWing, Cthulhudpc
Typesetting: Yashamon
Site Management: PrimeSonic
Acting Project Lead: 4th Dimension


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25 Responses to Nanoha ViVid 102 – Final Epilogue

  1. Fabian Sterzl says:

    Thanks for the hard work.
    And now it’s time to start with chapter one again.

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  2. Will Rennar says:

    Thank you all for your work on this. It’s been a beautiful ride.

    Best of luck to all the translation workers on whatever projects they move onto from here. ^_^

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  3. ShouTakuya says:

    I’ve been following you since day one and I’ve been patiently waiting for every chapters to be release. Sometimes I get afraid that I won’t get to read any nanoha manga since no other scanlation groups wants to pick up this. I’m glad that this day had come.

    I hope you continue to do the other remaining Nanoha manga’s out there. Thank you for the hard work!

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  4. CrimsonDX says:

    You guys are seriously the best. Nanoha has always been my favorite franchise, and your guys’s work on this has been amazing. Of course now I need to marathon the entire series~

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  5. Setsuna F Seiei says:

    Not sure when exactly I fell out of the e-mail chain, but no matter. Glad to see you guys finally finish it. I had lots of fun working on it too.

    Sorry again for that shit storm I caused lol.

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  6. PrimeSonic says:

    We moved away from emails and onto Discord a while ago. 😛


  7. PrimeSonic says: isn’t shutting down
    and this won’t be the last release showcased on this site.
    So stick around and there may yet be more coming later, even if things change a little bit.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Here’s hoping Force comes out of hiatus soon.


  9. D says:

    Thank you all so much for seeing this through to the very end, even with various changes in staff. I absolutely love Nanoha as a franchise and seeing people stick with working on translations for it is wonderful. I’m glad this didn’t wind up with the fate many other scanslated manga do where it winds up dropped midway never to be seen again if it falls off-schedule at some point or loses its spotlight somehow. Even with other newer Nanoha entries coming out, Vivid was seen through until the end like it deserved. Each person that put in their own part is a piece of how that happened. I’ve enjoyed reading every chapter. I tend to be bad about thanking translation teams despite how much of a thankless job it already is, but a milestone like this deserves as many readers to speak up as possible.

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  10. Arklight Blue says:

    For ViVid Translation Group. Thank you very very much for completing this entire series. While there are many setbacks and obstacles, you all preserve and like Vivio and Einhart endure until the end.

    Nanoha series has always been my all time favourite that helped me with my daily life. I learnt how to see every aspect of my life positively and try my best because Nanoha, Vivio, Einhart and the rest of them are inspire me greatly on doing so.

    Vivio and Einhart in particular has shown me through their vivid journey to achieve my dream while cherishing the present that I have. Nevertheless it was all made possible because Vivid Translation has translated the entire story in these past years.

    In the end, I would love to once again express my gratitude and every great success for all of your future endeavour. Let us meet again in the future when another Nanoha manga came out.

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  11. Jaime :v says:

    Your are the best guys, keep up with the good job,


  12. Jaime :v says:

    I have been an eternal fan of the nanohaverse, for about a decade (more of the main universe than other ramifications), I think that it is an universe with so much potential, I mean if you have a time-space administration bureau, magic, space crafts, mad scientists who can create designed children (Fate, Vivio, Erio and others) and humanoid cyborgs (I think that the chair main is a cyborg created by the same scientist who cloned Vivio, if I remember well) like breathing, an universe with a rich history, ancient lost civilizations (like avalon the civilization that Fate’s mom was looking to bring back her natural dauther) and cute girls in the same universe (I think that the nanoverse lacks a lot in the male representation department, I mean with a couple of more cool relevant male characters, there are so few), making all sense, you have something really big with endless possibilities, sadly the franchise is not that popular and hardly can keep itself alive and relevant, but someday the nanoverse will shine as massive super star, It just need be more liked by our japanese friends and fall in the hands of a couple of good directors and editors, the last thing that is lost is hope… Thanks you so much for your hard work and bring to me vivid hapiness.


  13. ShinWitty says:

    Your videos got me to try Nanoha way back in the day, PrimeSonic, so I suppose it’s fitting you bring the end (at least for now).

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  14. Faeon says:

    Thanks great work, it is a pity that we won’t get a complete vivid anime. but the manga trans was great and finally ended on positive note, and it bridged the gap to vivid strike too.Thanks once again.


  15. PrimeSonic says:

    @ShinWitty It always surprises me when I find another one one of the few people on the planet who actually watched my old videos back when YouTube was still in its infancy.


  16. ShinWitty says:

    @PrimeSonic Hey, they worked. Got me intrigued enough to give season 1 a shot and instantly fell in love. I also fondly remember…what was his name…gottalovebreath? I remember his stuff too.

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  17. art248 says:

    Thanks for all the translations guys. Have been following you all since day one.
    Now finally it is completed. Well now to see what other series the Nanoha verse will have.

    Gonna have to marathon the entire thing now haha,


  18. kf124 says:

    Thank’s!! All of this really help me!! ^_^
    I will miss this one. I hope there is another nanoha series.


  19. Wowee! What an effort by everyone to translate the series, 10 years in the making, maybe one of those it’s been 3000 years memes could go here.

    Either way incredible job by everyone for all the work they have done.

    I tried learning Japanese, managed 9 months but had to quit as I am fighting a disease and fighting off possible blood cancer so unfortunately it ended quickly, I will know more results at the end of the month.

    One of the more interesting things that happened was Fujima himself making an account on MAL and giving thanks during chapter 80.

    I would Tweet him my comments/feedback for every Nanoha/ViVid/Strike! episode and manga chapter.

    I was shocked when I saw the name on the right hand side, and it’s the only time in the last 5 years I have returned to a post to look at comments for anime/manga sites.

    I got a bit sick of the childish nature and toxic culture, so for all these years I have just said my piece and never returned as I am not interested in fighting with people.

    As for the series itself, it was a fun ride, it got a bit boring for me after Lufen arc, I give it a 6/10.

    Really disappointing that was still haven’t got another season, I really wanted to see more magic battles, maybe it will still happen one day.

    Thank you once again to all people who worked on this, great effort guys and girls, well done 🙂


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