Nanoha ViVid 80 & 81[v2] – Familiar Faces and Good News

Guess who’s making an appearance in not one but two chapters of
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid

Nanoha ViVid 80 & Nanoha ViVid 81

Dynasty-Scans: 80 & 81
Translation: Kinsei
Scans: CrazyHat
Proofreading: Cthulhudpc, KiraWing
Typesetting: Setsuna F. Seiei, Yashamon
QC: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic
Saint King: Satsuki

So as we take our leave from Space China, Vivio takes with her one last lesson and a glimpse into what kind of heights her power could reach. And back on Mid, the Takamachi family is back together again, with no less energy than before and eyes wide to what the future holds.

EDIT: Updated pages for ch81 are here.


And now a little team news:

Thank you all for your patience as we got things together. The good news is that we picked up a new typesetter to help keep ViVid going. Everyone give your kindest welcome to Yashamon. Maybe stop by our Discord and say hello.
Things got a little delayed since there was a bit of a crash course in typesetting  to be done. But to make up for that, we have this double release for you all here. Hope you’re ready for a very vivid double feature today.

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18 Responses to Nanoha ViVid 80 & 81[v2] – Familiar Faces and Good News

  1. cameronsaryn says:

    “They are about as strong as an ogre or a demon lord” The demon lord I understand, but how can Vivio see her beautiful mom as an ogre? XD

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  2. cameronsaryn says:

    I’m so glad Hayate has a kid under her wings too 😀 She is the most suited to be around children but we don’t get to see her talk to them much. This Battle Exhibition is so promising too.(★^O^★)


  3. alderante says:

    I loved chapter 80!! I think that path is what she needed, thank you very much.


  4. Will Rennar says:

    I get the sneaking suspicion Nanoha missed her daughter. Not sure where I get the idea, call it a huOH MY GOD DID THE SANKT KAISER JUST CALL OUT THE ACE OF ACES!?!?


  5. Ali says:

    So many thanks for all your translation and hard work! 🙂


  6. Vivid Fan says:

    Thanks for update!😆


  7. Carthienes says:

    Why on Earth would Vivio reject the idea of a weapon out of hand?

    I can understand her wanting to be a powerful unarmed combatant regardless (and thus not helpless if disarmed) but all the people she admires and aspires to fight armed – and are stronger for it. Nanoha herself proved far from helpless when ambushed with Raising Heart offline, but if she ever needs to go all out she does so with her weapons in hand.

    I can understand it as a preference, even going unarmed in competitions, but if she ever moves into live combat, she should at least consider taking a weapon with her. Given that Raising Heart’s Excellion Mode is supposed to be a ‘spear’ and Bardiche has a form that is not far off, maybe she should take wise old man’s advise. Or follow Fate’s footsteps with many weapons in one.

    I think that I could have understood and followed if it was explained differently, but that was horribly done. Not to mention, her knack for unarmed combat originally comes from the Cradle forcibly downloading combat programs into her body to force it to kill her Nanoha-mama. Not what I would call a enticing introduction.

    Thank you, VividTrans!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this. You are a blessing.

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  9. yashamon says:

    @Carthienes From what I gather, she doesn’t want or need weapon right now.
    That doesn’t mean she won’t get one later.


  10. CrimsonDX says:

    Welcome to the team Yashamon!

    @Carthienes, You missed the part that a lot of her admiration for martial arts comes from Nove, who doesn’t use any armed weapons. She wants to bring Nove’s ideal martial arts to life.


  11. Arklight says:

    Wooow! It is getting closer to the fight between Nanoha and Vivio. I am completely torn since I love both characters equally😄


  12. Fruit says:

    Thanks a lot!

    BTW, just so that you know in case you wanted to make a v2, there is a typo in chapter 79, page 16, bottom panel – “we’re taking” instead of “were taking”
    And in chapter 81 page 27, top line on the right, Fabia says “eitehr”, on page 28, bottom right, Yumina says “firends”, an on page 29 upper left, “she siad”.


  13. PrimeSonic says:

    Good catch. I’m tempted to ask you to come help us do QC for us before releasing these into the wild. And extra observant pair of eyes never hurts.

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  14. 80 – Those 3 days did go by really fast.

    Looks like they all enjoyed that training camp.

    81 – Trip is over and they are all on their way back, they all had a great time.

    Nanoha is overloving at times lol.

    Einhart & Yumina have become better friends.

    Plenty of souvenirs for the Yagami family.

    Nove is starting to talk about geting a gym, and Miura joining hear team is being discussed.

    Miura wants a match against Vivio before the finals.

    Vivio wants a match again Nanoha if she wins.


  15. Jiro says:

    The “V2” chapter 81 is exactly the same size in bytes as the V1 and when I read it I see that the updated pages are not present.

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  16. jiro4 says:

    Also, your Downloads page still links to the old 79 and the old 81.

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  17. PrimeSonic says:

    Sorry about that. Thanks for calling it out. I’ll have things sorted out before tomorrow.


  18. Carthienes says:

    Okay, I just noticed that my last post seems to have disappeared, or just never made it through, so here’s take two:

    @yashamon Yes, I realise that she might change her mind later but the way she rejects the whole idea immediately seems so final at this point.

    @CrimsonDX I do not buy that, given that Nove is focused on the Nakajima family strike arts. Gauntlets and rollerblades might not be the most blatant of weapons, but that is how they are used and here Vivio rejects the idea of even going as far as a knuckleduster. Not to mention, she wants to compete where Nove cannot (there was nothing to prevent her taking a weapon to the intermiddle, as her opponents proved) and she more specifically references the counter-hitter style which nove taught – a Tactical style, not a weapon specific style. She can be the “counter hitter that can overcome a stage dominated by strikers through skill alone” just as much with a spear or sword in hand as with bare fists. All of which is before we consider her original idols, the reasons she learnt to fight in the first place. She wants to protect her mamas – but insists on hobbling herself as she does so? Is not her physical (and especially magical) stature not enough of a handicap already?

    I think I phrased myself better last time – hopefully someone saw it.


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