Returning to ViVid – Ch68-69

Nanoha ViVid 68preview.jpg

Finally we get to meet Rio’s family in space China. This has been a long time coming and I hope you can forgive us for the delay on getting volume 14 off the ground. But to make up for it, we’re kicking off with a double release today with more to come very soon.

Nanoha ViVid 68Nanoha ViVid 69

Translation: Kinsei
Scans: CrazyHat
Cleaning: CrazyHat/erebea
Proofreading: Setsuna F. Seiei/Kira Wing/Cthulhudpc
Typesetting: Setsuna F. Seiei/Ice
QC: Setsuna F. Seiei/PrimeSonic
Team Lead: PrimeSonic
Special Thanks: Satsuki Takahashi

For a bit of behind the scenes news and updates, continue reading below the break.

Our recruiting efforts were not in vain as we now have a new main typesetter for ViVid. You’ve already seen some of Ice’s work in our side-projects. And with a little bit of guidance, we knew it was time to let her take the reigns. You’ll be seeing more of her work very soon and we can actually promise now that releases are going to be happening much more frequently, perhaps even regularly again.

It’s been said before that time and changes in responsibilities in life haven’t been kind to us all over the years, so our team has had to adapt and shift tasks around. Thankfully, we’ve had new recruits step up to help keep this show moving. They might be young and still need a bit of practice but our veterans are ensuring that our quality remains high while providing them with guidance to improve their own skills.

Thank you all for your patience and, once again, our deepest apologies for the unexpected hiatus. What we can say now is that the wait is over and with our newest members stepping in, things are going to be a little faster and maybe even a little more awesome.

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11 Responses to Returning to ViVid – Ch68-69

  1. 4th Dimension says:

    First off, thank you for the release, nice work.And good job on keeping the tea fresh since it’s inevitable that people drift off fan projects such as these as interest inevitably wanes with time and RL intrudes.

    What I’m about to gripe about should not be taken as a critique of your work.

    Well I was never a great fan of the whole Shonen Nanoha Vivid experiment so it seems I won’t be a fan of this arc, but that is on crazy me. Also, I found that these two issues had some more of pandering that I hoped we left behind.

    Anyway this is sort of my running commentary in my mind while I was reading this.

    Chapter 68:
    Page 1: Tio, what are you doing on Micah and why aren’t you with your master you attention wh***.
    Page 3: Don’t lie to me contents page, I know there won’t be any Nanoha in this.
    Page 4: „Lufen is a region… unique culture“, yes just as „unique“ as Belkan one is :D. But fine I’ll probably get used to it sometime next decade.
    So, since Otto and Dido are on this trip that means the person overseeing Stupid Chantez is…… Sein?!? My Kaiser the Sankt Kaiser Church is DOOOMED with those two off the leash!!! It’s not that Chantez had to beg for permission to come, Schaht was probably relieved she will be going too just to manage the crazy.
    Page 6: Why are you people so surprised/scared for Mira? She has an intelligent device and access to the Barrer Jacket. There is no way simple claws can do anything to her?!?!
    Page 9: Did… did… did you just… did you just put SADDLES on CATS?!?! Well we know now the main cause of death in Rio’s family. Savage mauling by undertrained and nonbroken cats.
    Page 11: Wait wait… am I seeing MALE martial arts practiocioners?!? I thought those were banned after the progroms of 78.
    Page 12: Einhart stop reading the books that Hayate imports from her home planet. They are giving you strange ideas. Then again knowing how you came to be part of Vivio’s group you came to those without reading shonen manga.
    Page 14: WTF, where did the buildings go?!? And what’s with all of the blushing it’s like the first time they saw an elderly gentleman. Oh, wait it’s Vivid…. Vivio: Oh no it’s an elderly male, my mama warned me to watch out for those. Okay I won’t bore you with what I think each one of them seems to be thinking at that moment, apart from drawing your attention to the fact that Otto seems to be least affected and seems like he/she is asking others what’s the deal and Yumina is entranced and combat cyborgs had close one of their eyes to block out the glare.
    Page 15: Actual displays of affection, it’s a rare sight.
    Page 16: Oh, so Nove has met him before. Interesting. I wonder if he went to Mid at some point or she came to Loufen, or was it via comm.
    Page 17: Wait Otto’s official title is Butler of the Knights?!? So he is only in charge of carrying refreshments about? Waste of her talents if you ask me.
    Page 18: Wait that scene couple pages ago actually happened?!?… Oh great they have been magic married to him haven’t they?
    Page 19: Sure sure that is totally an explanation elder Rio.
    Also, why would seeing this room stoke Lutecia’s fighting spirit. Are they saying she is that vain and would not permit anyone to have nicer rooms?
    Page 20: Grandpa’s statements about Rio and training confused me initially, probably because I was snarking so much internally, but now I get it. He is saying that while he/they taught Rio the basics of her style Nove is also important since she oversees day to day management of Rio’s further training.
    Page 21: You can help yourself to this mountain/pile of priceless book/artifacts that we keep in literal mounds for how much we care for them. Meanwhile in the Infinity Library: Yunno: Aaaaghgh *clutches his forehead* why do I have this sudden headache. Last time I had anything similar Chrono foisted “help” on me that set back the inventorying and organizing of the Library by a decade.
    So, you are going to use your guests to boost the rankings of your dojo?
    Page 22: Oh new lolis, color me surprised. Micah don’t lie to yourself, nobody cares about your penknife. They let preteens with devices that would have let them easily poke holes in walls that are keeping in the fragile human supporting environment and are keeping out the uncaring hostile blackness of space.
    Page 24: Forgot to warn them. Ahh so he is going to embody that trope for the old teachers, in that they are at least slightly an asshole. I wonder what the threat is.
    Page 25: More lolis. Ughhh. Let me guess the entire household is composed of the Rio’s grandpa and cousin and loads and loads of lolis. There are no other ages or types allowed.
    Page 26: Is this how you treat guests in Loufen little girl…. Tsk tsk tsk.
    Page 27: Oh great we have Stupid reckless Chantez 2.0 on our hands. Kaiser help us all if/when those two start hanging out together.

    Chapter 69:
    Page 3: Oh, good for you Micah. You finally found a kid you can actually defeat. And further more you did not need your pen knife.
    Page 4: Oh no no no no… We agreed Vivid the stupid naked time in the springs was enough, let that girl’s butt go.
    Page 5: Vivid: I’m modifying the deal, pray I don’t modify it further. Rio: Oh no somebody is molesting my personal loli…. without my permission.
    Page 7: On one hand, I commend you Vivid on your restraint in not uncovering that girl’s butt and jamming the camera up her taint, on the other hand that pose….
    Page 8: Oh great now this reminds me of Monthy Python’s Quest for the Holy grail. I have been a naughty girl, spank me, no spank me etc.
    Page 10: So, then question needs to be asked, if they are not strong (therefore won’t bring honor to the dojo) aren’t respectful, and aren’t family why keep them around?
    Page 11: Yes, Nove do advise them on things they totally haven’t tried before with those two, from your months of experience.
    Page 16: Yumina: I just like to watch. Yes I’m totally taking it out of context. Also we get the proper name of Rio’s style. I don’t think we knew it before. Also didn’t they talk about her style before as being something of her own making since she has to combine fire and lightning?
    Page 17: Oh I did not know your voyeurism tendencies Dido. 😛 I’ll have to make a note of that.
    Page 18: Initially I thought about this page the usual gripes that I have about Vivio and other’s clothing, it being cut waaaayy too low so that they could sneak in glimpses of their preteen pants for the Japanese crowd which always made my head hurt. But I just now noticed… they dressed Chris too… WTF. Have some pride in being a device Chris.
    Also I kind of forgot that Mira and Ein are of similar age. I wonder if they are of same age or is Mira older given her scenes in Strike.
    Page 19: Quote: “Yumina-san sexy” coming from early teen and preteens… *head desk* WHAM… okay now let’s see her clothes, oh look nice while her clothes are obviously there to objectify her at least she got a pair of shorts, ridiculously cut on the side shorts and shorts probably shorter than what the rest of them are wearing…. those aren’t shorts aren’t they… Tarzan wore more around his hips I think… *head desk* WHAM *ouch*.
    Also in what way is the fact that she cannot raise her leg that high an explanation for her exploitative dress?!? Is it because since she cannot raise her leg that high “normal” skirts would not “expose” her as often?!? Because I would totally believe that to be a thing since this is Vivid.
    Though Vivid I again complement you for your restrain in not exposing me to early teen (since she has some breasts) underwear… you are planning something a lot worse aren’t you…
    Given Einhart’s reaction to seeing Yumina and her comments later it seems Einhart/Vivio ship has met its match in Einhart/Yumina. FIGHT. Also do we have names for these ships?
    Vivio it’s obvious that since Ein poseses her ancestor’s memories and given how olivie looked he prefer more breast gifted girls and your preteen body simply cannot compete with Yumina for now… *head desk* Look where you made my mind wander Vivid you %!#&!$#
    Page 20: Okay these are totally Chantez 2.0/replacements since she might have grown up a bit since her defeat.
    Page 22: I totally thought Corona was going to use her technique to boost her arm with a rocket punch and tear the bag off its mount. That would have been sweet.
    Page 25: When I saw that the bag was coming back at Mira, I kind of expected for her to be distracted or something and it to slam her in the face. That would totally be a Mira thing.
    Page 27: Amazing MOUNTAIN of books… mountain… sure, mountains are such a convenient way to stack your books *meanwhile in the Infinity Library* Now this treatise by Nikolai Lada goes here in Orussia: Early settlement sec… aaaaghhhh *clutches his brow*
    Page 28: *Infinity Library* Whew, while it still hurts I can get back to work. Wait who scuffed this unique 200 year old text, if I get my hands on that chimp I’ll aghhgghhh, WTF are people doing out there.
    Page 29: *Infinity Library* Most of the pain is gone. Weird.
    Plot point DUN DUN DUN DUN.


  2. 4th Dimension says:

    Also to toot my horn a bit, if this is any good. I did the crazy thing and “translated” second battle in the first sequence of the Nanoha A’s: Gears of Destiny game:
    I also did prologue and the first one but I think the translation in one video on Youtube that covers the same is better so I did not post it.
    I think these come out pretty well considering that I don’t actually know Japanese except some basics about their syntax. But I do wonder how bad/terible it actually is.
    If you want my considerably worse effort, there is my translation of Zafira’s path for the Battle of the Aces:

    I am wondering how good these are since I’m thinking of giving them my treatment I gave the parts of Battle of Aces that others translated:

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  3. CrimsonDX says:

    Excellent work as always, and always glad to see you guys alive and kicking. All of the girls looked so cute in their china dresses 😀

    Also 4th, when has this entire franchise NOT been a shonen action series?


  4. 4th Dimension says:

    Well, sure at heart lot of it is about action (although the fact that Nanoha NEVER gives up no matter how bad things are and other themes sure were nice), but it was about a different type of action, one with an SF/technological feel to it where magitek was a nice way to not piss me off with wrong horrendously science, and not about some sort of ancient sekrit ways to punch people. It’s like showing you a world where there is a girl that can do orbital strikes at will, and then leaving that to show you a girl down the street that can punch really hard. It’s never going to be as interesting as the previous one.
    Take the silly bag for example. Oh look we can punch this bag really hard so it sways. If anyone from first two seasons (and most of protagonists from StrikerS) hit it it would be gone, in Nanoha’s case it would be fine dust. Which is why I roll my eyes each time they try to wow me with ancient techniques of face punching and such. I simply don’t give an F about them.
    Oh also as I said (an probably in ridiculous detail in the comments of the previous posts in talks with Carthienes) I like that it’s magitech and not mystic arts. I like that magic is something that is manipulated by tech and math and not I don’t know prancing under a full moon, while swearing yourself to a higher power and brewing potions with batwings or something similar that I don’t like.

    But this is my preference and I’m perfectly fine with the idea that other people like what I don’t, and that is fine. In fact I’m totally fine with this being a spinof sideshow. It’s part of the ability of Nanohaverse to support various genres that I like about it. But trouble is the spinoff has been the only thing that was published in past decade and has kind of taken over, which is what I don’t like.

    Still when it’s nor making my eyes roll with fistfighting tropes and my head hurt from pandering it does have it’s moments of explosive action. In fact the fights I have seen that are in next chapters sure do look interesting. Unfortunately the volume cuts off before they finish.

    BTW: Question for the team. Were you aware that you were beaten to the punch when it comes to translation of the whole volume 14? Because apparently /u/ translated it allready. I won’t be so uncouth to leave a link here but I was notified of the fact on forums (because of course they live on that board).

    And no I’m not saying you copied things or anything of the sort. I compared the two and your pages are visibly processed in a different wholly your own way (you tend to up the contrast to get darker lines than what scanners do) and the translation is often subtly different. I found that their one was stiffer, probably more literal, so your is better in that regard although I couple of their translations were clearer than yours.


  5. PrimeSonic says:

    Yes, we were aware. We just chose to continue things as normal. With our new typesetter and the large back catalog of scripts and clean raws we have, we’ll be caught up to and past volume 14 in no time.

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  6. CrimsonDX says:

    Ok, I can see your point. The show has always interleaved more physical based magic though. Belkan Knights, for example, who rely more technically advanced weaponry than fancy bombardment magic. But yeah, it could be said that show has gone more mundane. However, not everyone can lob planetary death with a smile like Nanoha can ;D.

    Though I doubt Nanoha would be able to punch that bag to dust. Same with Tia, Caro, Lutecia, or any of the other more magic focused characters. They would likely be on par with Corona. Just because they all have a lot of magical power, I doubt they would have had the training to focus that magical power into physical attacks. Not likely even Signum would be able to break the bag and shes probably the strongest character when you take into account both pure power and experience. It would probably take someone like Subaru who is skilled at focusing all of her magic power into a single hit.

    Personally, more than for the magical combat, I always watched this series for the world building, character interactions/development, and the cool devices/barrier jackets. So for me the part that disappoints me the most is how none of the main characters but Corona have any actual equipped device, or how some of the devices like Harry’s Red Hawk, or Els’s Punisher feel so plain.


  7. 4th Dimension says:

    And I was fine with the more physical combat when it was not melee all the time at point blank range but a dance at various ranges. And Belkans have a reason for prefering cqc and that is that their style prefers/need physical object to deliver their attacks. But anythhing that was spawned from Mid style really shouldn’t need a physical component.

    “However, not everyone can lob planetary death with a smile like Nanoha can ;D.”
    And the fact that we “lost” her means the world is a lot less bright. Probably because there is no pink glare in the background.

    Oh I was not refering to Nanoha’s physical strenght. What would have likely happened is she would have whipped out RH and blasted the thing before anyone figures out that she did not understand that she was supposed to hit it with her fists. 😉 Although considering the amount of gear she schleps about in Force (and they specifically mention that it does weight a lot when Thoma is whining about his strike cannon being heavy) you don’t want to be slapped by her.

    I adore Nanoha for those reasons too. While there are shows that do individual segments of things I like about it better than in Nanoha, I have yet to find one that combines practically all of them like Nanoha does. To combine:
    – almost rules first/heavy magitech Sci-Fi (which is very important and brilliant since it lets them have Sci-Fi things and NOT give me a headache when the artsy types completely bork the basic laws of physics)
    – over the top combat that is again rules heavy and tactical (we know EXCATLY what each spell does and what can counter it)
    – endearing characters that grow on you and Nanoha who never EVER gives up no matter what is arrayed against her (she is the essence of Determinator)
    – plots that usually feature conflicts spawned not because one side are moustache twirling evil (Jail and Hucks excluded) but because the side that is in the wrong is working towards admirable and repeatable goals using suspect methods because they feel they have no choice, and their problem will be solved partially by talking it out and partially by using excessive amounts of firepower.

    So yes for me too the the mudanity and leaving the Sci-Fi foundations constantly disappoint me. And yeah what they do with the devices is kind of an atrocity. From Bardiche and RH who were there to support their mages by managing their manna and providing advice both about combat or personal we have devolved it down to a pair of mute frankly pets that are there to look cute and not much else.


  8. 68 – The gang is all set and look happy to go to Lufen.

    It’s nice to have Tigers that are friendly like that and can carry luggage.

    That’s a very nice place they are staying in.

    We got a few girls that Lei wanted to warn them about and looks like they are happy to fight.

    69 – Seems that Yen & Xue like to go around and cause trouble.

    Unfortunately for them Micaiah was the wrong person to pick on.

    They all look good in those martial arts outfits.

    Looks like those 2 accidentally found a map of some sorts at the end.


  9. Random Fan says:

    68 opened fine, 69 was called an invalid archive by comic reader, and 7zip said this:
    Headers Error
    Unconfirmed start of archive
    There are some data after the end of the payload data.


  10. Random Fan says:

    Also, I found my old copies of 66 and 67, which worked.


  11. Random Fan says:

    Okay, nevermind. sigh. Apparently I can’t download it straight to a network drive or it has problems :p


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