ViVid ch67 – Just in time for the holidays


After the finale of ViVid Strike, we have just one more present for all of you is this year. One more chapter of the ever fluffy, Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. Today we’ll wrap up the festival, officially add Yumina to Einhart’s little harem, and pay a few nods to rest of the under-15 competitors.


Damn, Einhart has some serious luck with the ladies.

Lyrical Nanoha ViVid 67

Translation: Kinsei
Scanning: CrazyHat
Cleaning: CrazyHat, erebea
Proofreading: KiraWing, cthulhudpc
Editing: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic
Saint King: Satsuki Takahashi

On behalf of us here at Vivid Translations, we wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season. Thank you for joining us for this wild ride that has been 2016 and we hope to see you again for the next  release in the soon to be coming year.

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31 Responses to ViVid ch67 – Just in time for the holidays

  1. Setsuna F Seiei says:

    Happy holidays, y’all! Hopefully next year will be a particularly vivid one.


  2. CrimsonDX says:

    Best Xmas present EVER!


  3. ProBlackbird says:

    Thank you more Vivio 😀


  4. Mad Max says:

    As always, thanks you for your work… and happy holidays! 😀


  5. natchu96 says:

    (is there anyway to turn off the falling snow effect? It really lags when I use my old laptop instead of my desktop PC XD)

    Just in time for holidays indeed . . . did she just fire her sword draw into the floor for propulsion?


  6. David says:

    Merry Christmas.


  7. PrimeSonic says:

    @natchu96 The only things you can do if your laptop is having issues with the snow effect would be to either, disable Javascript, block scripts from this site (it’s okay, this site doesn’t need javascript to work), or wait till after December :P.


  8. 4th Dimension says:

    Nice. Thank you for your work.

    On page 2 panel 2, that girl who addresses Ix, who is that supposed to be?!? At first I thought it might be Subaru, but A) Subaru knows Ix and B) we haven’t seen her during this event. It’s not Micah since she has longer hair. Nove? But Nove should have lighter shade of hair and should have lighter shade of eyes.

    Anyone have any better idea?

    THis is why I can hate grayscale art especially if they skimp on faces and hairstyles so the only way to quickly differentiate between characters is by hair color.


  9. Random Fan says:

    Hope everyone has a very Merry and Vivid Christmas thank you so much for the next issue! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  10. PrimeSonic says:

    @4th Dimension
    That’s Subaru alright. I’d recognize that face anywhere.
    Nove is two seats down.

    Don’t ask me how I can tell those two apart in greyscale. I don’t have an answer.


  11. natchu96 says:

    That’s definitely Subaru in page 2 panel 2, and I don’t see how her knowing who Ix is changes anything? From the wording it sounds like she was just agreeing with something Ix said to her.


  12. 4th Dimension says:

    I too thought she looks like Subaru, but I found it strange that somebody as emotional as her would greet Ix for the first time post nap with such an offhanded comment. Especially considering that Ix started her suppposed 1000 year sleep right on Subaru’s arms, in SSX, and this is the dirst time post nap that they interract.


  13. natchu96 says:

    . . . what exactly proves that she absolutely has not spoken to her until that very moment?


  14. 4th Dimension says:

    If she has, she wouldnt have said “oh you must be Ix” as if she never met her but only heard stories about her.
    Now I’m not saying she couldn’t have met her, in fact I find it strange that she was not shown to be around back when she woke (at least I don’t remember her, I might be forgetfull), but if she has she knows her current form and therefore there would be no need for some amount of uncertanty in her statement.
    And if this us their first meeting… Subaru is not known as subtle and reserved person.


  15. 4th Dimension says:

    Okay my bad I remembered the line wrong. She is simply talking to Ix and agreeing about stuff. My bad. I will now hang my head in shame.
    Still her presence only on one page is a bit strange. Did Nove say her sisters might be attending bavk when she was inviting Micah?


  16. 4th Dimension says:

    Now that we have cleared that up, as the local Grouchy “Back in my day..” Mc GrouchPerson I have to make a complaint.
    Vivio: Now that the fall is coming I have to switch to my warmer fall clothes.
    Me: Oh god please put some clothes on yourself so that I don’t have to watch the secualization of a preteen every time you are in the screen.
    Vivio: * puts on a thicker coat and an even shorter skirt *


  17. Carthienes says:

    Came out on the same day as the Strike 12 pack! And infinitely more worth waiting for. Thank you VividTrans Team. 穂と二有賀と

    @4th Dimension
    I went back to the first chapter, and I really don’t think that the skirt is any shorter – it looks like the Autumn uniform is just the added coat. Although, to be fair, skirts are going to be chilly however long they are – she would either need longer stockings or thick tights. One would be difficult to notice in greyscale and one would make matters worse (from a Japanese perspective, anyway).

    Oh, and I am fairly certain that Ixpellia’s first visitors (chapter 63, after Sein and Chantez noticed she’d woken) were Vivio and Subaru. Subaru then goes back to the office whilst Vivio and Nove take Ixpellia to see their friends.


  18. 4th Dimension says:

    I was deliberately overstating the shortness for humorous reasons, I too think it’s same length and it can’t be shorter since… well… I was streching things a bit because I did find the whole add a thicker coat but keep the summer skirt frankly ridiculous.

    About Subaru/Ix, I already admitted it was my bad, I misread what Subaru said. It’s fine as it is.
    Thanks for pointing out the chapter in which they meet, I forgot the exact circumstances.


  19. Another Time Diver says:

    Wooooohoooo…! We are getting closer to Vivio and everyone’s trip to LeuFeng! I am looking forward for the next release eagerly, as what happened next answer some lore that brought in Vivid Strike.


  20. Carthienes says:

    Oh, I saw that you’d corrected yourself on Subaru’s words, but you had also raised a question of when/if/how Subaru met the new Ixpellia, so I thought it might have been worth a mention. I hope I have not offended.


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