Nanoha InnocentS 7

I’m currently on holiday right now so this will have to be brief. 

Arite Drop has a new chapter of Nanoha InnocentS so go check it out and say some kind words. 

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3 Responses to Nanoha InnocentS 7

  1. CybeastGregarX says:

    Poor Wendi and Nove, being used by Jail and taken advantaged of because of Nove’s jealously of Tia because she wants to be the one loved by her big sister. :<

    And I'm curious as to why Vivio and Einhart are in here. Since Nanoha isn't an adult, she cannot be Vivio's mother here. :/


  2. Chun Fan says:

    I see creepy Jail (Scaglietti) is in this too…


  3. thundabreaka says:

    I see that creepy Jail (Scaglietti from the Strikers Arc) is back–that guy was annoying in a rapist kind of way. 😨


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